Decided to move to a different instance. I'm at @jakob now

What the fuck I just found a $20 in the trash

It should work with GNU Radio too

Finally bought one of those Chinese HackRF clones. I've been on the fence for weeks because it's entirely possible that there's some glaring issue like firmware not being flashed, but the Ebay seller has a reasonable return policy and there are some screenshots of it working with SDR#

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Once-in-a-long-while reminder that I made an open source ASCII art, animation, and game creation tool called Playscii:
People have made some pretty cool stuff with it!
It's a dynamic, hackable thing written in Python so you can do all sorts of oddness with it.

"he offer'd to give me a Patent for the sole Vending of them for a Term of Years; but I declin'd it from a Principle which has ever weigh'd with me on such Occasions, viz. That as we enjoy great Advantages from the Inventions of others, we should be glad of an Opportunity to serve others by any Invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously"

Franklin, Benjamin. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1964.

My schedule this semester is pretty much perfect. Weekday traffic on I-290 is only really on eastbound, so if I come home for a weekend I can go back Monday. Also, I'm already accustomed to an early dinner so I can just use the grab 'n go on my meal plan to snarf down dinner during CS187

This 93° weather has given me a pretty good reason to run/mow/weed without a shirt on

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The designer of Itanium must be in his office right now laughing at all these x86 vulnerabilities finally coming out.

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I also don't have a fan, but the towel trick works well enough that I can live without one

To anyone else who can't afford AC - on hot, restless nights, run some cold water over a towel and wring it until it isn't soaking wet, then use that as a blanket

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Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”


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Got the . I'll consider becoming a member this time around now that the student rates apply to me

Never thought I'd be excited about 30 KB/s down, but I think that's the most I'm going to get with 5 peers on I2P

Just noticed that portage appropriately sets the GECOS field of users it creates so that you know which users belong to which packages.

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Colin Percival tweeted a short thread on the “Lazy FPU” vulnerability that was just disclosed (CVE-2018-3665).

Colin credits his learning about it to Theo de Raadt. Took him ~5 hours to come up with working exploit code.

More info on and discussion on

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