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Jakob @jakob@niu.moe

Switched to d0wn today, cryptostorm's ca-cseast has been refusing to resolve nearly half the shit I try to access.

DOSBox has a pretty nice debugger. At least compared to the other dogshit I've been wrestling with this morning.

Oh hell yes my patch is getting merged

Finally finished cleaning up my FluidSynth patch for eduke and sent it off for review. Does this mean I'm indirectly contributing to development?

Wtf it's snowing and I just saw lightning

Does anyone else have issues with music playback in on ? I wrote a patchset a few months ago to add a Fluidsynth backend and didn't send it upstream because I thought I was the only person having problems with it, but I got a message today thanking me for puting the patches up on Github and asking if it would get adopted into the main repository. Dunno if I should talk to the maintainers about this.

New blog post with some scattered thoughts on reverse engineering

After a pretty long adventure of looking through the code of some obscure kernel drivers, I finally got this obscure USB analog capture device to play nicely with mpv(1). It even has a low enough delay that I can play some Nintendo. niu.moe/media/LduFJXKIGScRutc5

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I used to vomit at the sight of C code in the GNU style, but I'm finally starting to be able to look past it. Maybe it's an acquired taste? Maybe the Emacs source code just isn't as bad as glibc's? I will admit that I still have a much easier time reading stuff from e.g. OpenBSD, but right now I'm not having as bad of a time as I was expecting.

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Today's the big day. Gotta break out my nice suit.

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ATTENTION, Public Service Announcement: Do not upgrade your npm. Do not upgrade to 5.7.0, released yesterday.

It changes file permissions of /etc, /boot, /user, … when run with sudo. Avoid, duck, cover, whimper.


Alright, how does it go from 74° weather to a forecast of snow tomorrow?

Haven't felt this tranquil in a long time. If I could have one wish, it would be for this day to never end.

To be fair, it isn't a letter soup agency.

A few years ago I absolutely loathed the idea of working for the government, but here I am now getting ready for a job interview tomorrow.

So far the selling point for Mastodon over Qvitter is that I'm not accidentally boosting something every time I hit "new notices"