let's all just appreciate the example image on wikipedia's rabbit article

With the debate over #Microsoft #Windows vs #GNU #Linux raging on, I look at why Windows is unquestionably the top choice in the foreseeable in terms of ease, #accessibility, and #ethics. Noble as #FOSS advocacy is, can it really compete, especially among #women, going forward?

hi everyone. i have made a very detailed criticism of microsoft windows. please ensure that you let all of your friends now about this fatal windows design flaw

Trying to decide if I should use this account for programming stuff exclusively. Might create a different one for shitposting and other stuff haha

Achieving anything in life nowadays is 5% talent, 5% hard work and 90% not being distracted by the Internet.

I'm actively recruiting volunteer devs for a native Signal / Signal-like client in Gtk, in the hopes that we can bring it to the @Purism Librem 5 phone. Please contact sean.obrien@puri.sm if interested.

PGP/GPG: FA9D 40F1 5FE1 D8AB 8312 4AAA 77E3 1447 CD1F C3F6

I don't usually take pictures, but here's my current chill setup, working on a presentation for university :)

This projector is probably the best thing I ever bought

Wow! There is a project to track ABI/API changes to C/C++ libraries to know about backwards compatibility. Really cool! abi-laboratory.pro/index.php?v

Can probably be very useful for merging nixpkgs changes for libraries, because 100% compatibility -> no worries of breaking anything :D

I had a threading problem, so I decided to try templates and lambdas.

Now I haÂ~11111 error: no matching function for call to 'OtherThreadCallback(Response(BlittableHandle, int)::__lambda34*, Response (EmitResponse(BlittableHandle, int)::__lambda34::*)()const)'

- There's a bug where some toots text is just blank
- Autoplaying videos stop music playback
- The views in profile view and some others are inconvenient and inconsistent: Can't use normal filters, exit button on top right (very hard to reach)

@infinisil Update: It stops music playback when scrolling through a timeline with videos! Not good!

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@infinisil It's not flawless though, there's this annoying bug that hides the text of some toots. Also some views are done confusingly

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tabs vs spaces discourse in my timeline. i don't listen to these arguments anyway, i do all my programming in one line

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