@aqui try the new webrender rendering feature

My first indication that something was up was when I realized Caps Lock is on a delay on Ubuntu. I looked up fixes for it and all the results said basically "why the :hacker_h: :hacker_e: :hacker_l: :hacker_l: are you using caps lock?"

don't tell twitter but I've been learning how to type *properly*

I somehow went through life by always capitalizing letters with Caps Lock and not Shift.

@Jolt2bolt i had to make it so that it fits in with the material design icons i'm working with

here's the svg. note that the illustrator fuckery cannot be seen if its even remotely small d2co.github.io/f?i=7htK7BS

hello mastodon
i just spent the past hour making this tomato

@314 that Spotify kiosk in the background looks cool

@termer i made an app that depended on so many props and message passing
this is before i knew about vuex...

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@jeffcliff looks like it works, but it doesn't export sound for some reason

@jeffcliff stupid question but can you dl 4k and hdr videos with it?


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