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Adobe Creative Cloud holds creative works hostage: if you stop paying the monthly fee or if Adobe's servers go down, you can't edit your work. Once you buy into the Adobe ecosystem, you're stuck there and forced to pay rent.

There are many free open alternatives which give you full control over your work without locking you down:

#Adobe #CreativeCloud #Alternatives

so my testing framework is the offender

Anyone know if I should pick up Intro to Algorithms or if I should choose something more difficult?
I already took a data structures class at uni.

me just now: "i wish there were some way i could access my wsl2 setup from my laptop"
and then i remember i just straight up have ubuntu on my laptop

thank the everliving god that i had the idea to read clean code

working with the spotify api and god it feels good when a company actually cares about hobbyist developers unlike OTHER COMPANIES *cough* twitter

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Deleted the Twitter app from my phone.

Soldering has been an interesting experience. Hopefully I can show y'all the finished project soonish.

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