Trying to grok OpenBSD and use as few ported packages as possible...

>Do you believe learning Japanese is instrumental in understanding the ending of Evangelion?
Maybe this is important finding!
If your brain doesn' t engage, it' ll deteroriate - fast. this German keyboard layout, which is designed for programming and math-writing too as well/// eh

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huh, neo-2 is fun as heck, but really needs an ISO keyboard... Not ANSI... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA
Jupyter kernel for , that Python LISPy dialect (just like how Clojure is a LISP dialect over Java)

Sway on PostmarketOS on a
I really really want to buy one.

Netanyahu backs Soleimani’s killing as US ‘self-defense,’ says Quds head planned more attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called US assassination of a top Iranian commander a justified act of self-defense and said Donald Trump should be credited for “acting swiftly, forcefully and decisively”. Read Full Article at

oh it's dead :blush_cirno:
Yeah I'll just set up ProtoREPL and Hylang on this ubuntu install before trying out NixOS next weekend lol

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What the heck is this
> Pixie is a lightweight lisp suitable for both general use as well as shell scripting. The standard library is heavily inspired by Clojure as well as several other functional programming languages. It is written in RPython and as such supports a fairly fast GC and an amazingly fast tracing JIT.

Whoa whoa whoa
The heck

Pro le Rege, mi domino, mi Sol, mi deo, le respira del mi viver...

Oh, Niu is going to be closed at the end of March?
@Miaourt thanks for all the fishes, and so long I guess
please delete my email from the backup list tho :blush_cirno: thankies~

Tolkien, un zadiste avant l'heure ?
A l'occasion de la grande expo qui lui est consacrée à la Bibliothèque nationale, nous vous faisons découvrir autrement ce chantre d'une "nature qui se défend".

I wonder if any French or Spanish or Italian can read that paragraph...

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is really cool
Also, translating your own work into another language is... really hard, but worth it!
Anque, hodie mie corpore ha minor malade. Nunc io recovrara a san. Tote gratia a Deo 😀 :cirnocomfy:

Cyberpunk is cool as fuck
Feeling pretty good it's becoming more and more real the farther we goes away from Y2000.

BTW, I have never coded in . Should I go directly to or ? I kind of want to learn how to be a web dev and android dev at the same time... And hopefully Linux Mobile dev later (on a !)

hey, how are you all? Just want to say that forcing you to login to THEIR botnet Xiaomi Account to install app through ADB (to use Android Studio/other dev tools) is totally EVIL and sucks.
Thank God my old Whyred (Redmi Note 5 Pro) fixed itself just now. I don't quite know what happened but I'll just say it's magical. Flashing Havoc sans GApps onto it now...

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