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Does anyone here know how to configure in an Openbox desktop? Thanks!!

warmly waiting for Elon Musk hosting Meme Review

“Mona Lisa effect“ is real, but doesn’t apply to Leonardo’s painting #arstechnica #science

made this cute poster for a friend installing Linux Mint for the first time lol

According to my #Hobonichi, today is Nail Clipping Day in Japan. @sato1108ss believed me, but it sounds like it may be an obscure holiday! (初夢/Hatsuyume celebration may be a bit more a thing :blobwink: ). It sounds kind of interesting, but I think I clipped my nails the 3rd or 4th, and did not make a big production out of it. Too bad, because whatever the 7 herbs are, I kind of like the idea.

Good morning. Hello 2019!!
I didn't tell anyone, but went to Europe for vacation
Great cities, VERY cold weathers tho.
Now I am still adapting to my 28C nights... :cry_cirno:

#KDEis22 tomorrow and we are advising schools and other public institutions in Catalunya on how to migrate away from proprietary software.

I am sick and stuck in the queue to the doctor HAHA

man socialists are really, really misinformed in almost everything... Really sad.

Guys why uh \operatorname { cost } = \gamma \left( p _ { t } - x \right) ^ { 2 } + ( 1 - \gamma ) \left( p _ { t } - p _ { t - 1 } \right) ^ { 2 } works in mathJax but not in LaTEX??

Hey do any of you want to play Mage: CWoD? I want to roleplay as a Syndicate wizard-economist... :what_cirno:

What you call Linux is in fact CoC/Linux and [...]
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