@ilovecomputers TCP and UDP walk into a barber shop. TCP says to the barber, "just buzz it, high and tight". later on, UDP steps up to the chair and says, "i don't care, just fuck me up".

@ilovecomputers I have a joke about UDP but I don't care if you get it
@f0x @ilovecomputers I'd tell you an HTTP joke, but I'm feeling a bit insecure about it

@ilovecomputers But with TCP she asks all the time whether and how much she can drink

And don't forget the process to open that bottle 😂

@ilovecomputers I just burst out laughing at work. Co-worker came closer to see what it was about and started laughing too. 🤣

@ilovecomputers OMG I had the same reaction, this really took me by surprise :D
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