The most beautiful code I have ever see. It modifies itself to spin a world globe:

Just learned from @boneidol that this is called a quine: a self replicating code. This is just the raddest:

@benofbrown @ilovecomputers Embedding a png into the source to piggy back off of the browser's built in decompression into a canvas element = <3

@boneidol woah! Just looked it up. I totally did not know about that concept. This is the coolest thing.

@ilovecomputers I love the concept of a quine. I think all Gnu Affero software should contain one.

@ilovecomputers i love how <font color="false"> turns into 0xFA00E0 -> pink

@riking wat? How? There’s no # in front nor a reserved color word.

@ilovecomputers okay so this is NOT in the quirks spec for hashless colors, and does NOT work in CSS. only in <font color=>.

@riking I’m not seeing anything in HTML 3.2 spec either. This is some arcane shit forgotten by time lol

@ilovecomputers weird, in the output the globe is all pounds and tildes, but in the source there's a bunch of letters... wonder what that's about

@monorail just that’s the initial code and those letters aren’t encoded in the data/algo that outputs the final text

@ilovecomputers yeah, but anything's possible with self-modifying code... it's just weird to me that they'd bother hardcoding something that the code will never spit out

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