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Hopelessly Useless Due to the Circumstances of Floating in the Universe

Illustration by @_hmx12
Code by yours truely

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The origin of my name is from Golden Boy

Well retroactively; a friend told me they found my username in an old anime

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I’ll be honest tho, pretty legit to see a video game event reach almost Super Bowl levels of hype


Me: *honk* *honk*
>puts rake in lake

Why waste time putting webs up for Halloween when you can release dozens of spiders at your home and have them do the work for you?

I’ve been off since Friday and I feel like I’m reclaiming my sleep

Saw Promare again today. I was pleasantly reminded that Galo and Lio technically shared an on-screen kissed :blobcathearteyes:

If you feel down because your software has bugs that you haven’t gotten around to fix in forever or that you launched with a design that hasn’t been polished enough always remember that Acer shipped this

Reagan made stock buybacks legal and profits went there instead of reinvestment and wages. They are the main source of our income inequality

In January, @Hbomberguy started streaming Donkey Kong 64 to "annoy a guy on the internet." Over the next 57 hours, it spun wildly out of his control, transformed by the community into something much greater—raising over $347k for Mermaids UK.

Tired of being asked to fix peoples’ computers? Usagi is here to help.

10cm vinyl sticker now available in my shop:

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