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I miss having white boards at work. Encouraged me to doodle

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Back in college I took up crochet and made . This one I pretty much had to make up on my own: Waddles from

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We made one more episode after college about making a web app. I brought on my friend Melody to draw cute cartoons for it.

Yeah it was teaching , but I still think data-binding is an easy way to get someone quickly started making web apps. Just do it with VueJS lol


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Of course the day I decide to try the Toot! beta (which doesn’t support custom emoji atm) is the day there’s a custom emoji chain on my local timeline

With this many new peeps on the fedi, you’re bound to have a clash of personalities. I have a feeling there’s gonna be a big drama or two go down within the month 🤔

Ok, let's try an experiment. You can use this page to sign up for Toot!:


It will remain open as long as I dare, and hopefully I won't run completely out of beta tester slots!

And remember, not everything works yet! Report bugs at github.com/DagAgren/toot/issue, but remember to check if they are already there!

We need to build a wall around niu and make twitter pay for it

I kid I kid

I’m really happy seeing so many new peeps on here

I don’t care if I’m late for work

I made this delicious cup of at home and I intend to enjoy it

Woke up to poor Tweetbot being stunted by twitter removal of APIs. Now I wait for its devs to give in to Mastodon like they did with App.net

today in "computers that are too aesthetic to exist but they do anyway": the Compucorp 675

In Hong Kong, there’s a drink that perfectly blends coffee and milk tea atlasobscura.com/foods/yuenyeu

Where’s your god now @Ocean22 ?

Need to fix some asset links, but hey, it is possible to apply the cybre.space Masto95 theme as a Stylus user style. You just gotta compile this sass: github.com/cybrespace/mastodon

After seeing Hong Kong's housing crisis, LA's and SF's feels a lot less worse. At least government policy hasn't forced people to live in coffin sized capsule homes X_X youtube.com/watch?v=hLrFyjGZ9N


Fuck, I won't be able to make it to this, but if there are any fans in LA on the fediverse, you have been informed