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I miss having white boards at work. Encouraged me to doodle

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Back in college I took up crochet and made . This one I pretty much had to make up on my own: Waddles from

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We made one more episode after college about making a web app. I brought on my friend Melody to draw cute cartoons for it.

Yeah it was teaching , but I still think data-binding is an easy way to get someone quickly started making web apps. Just do it with VueJS lol


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he protecc

he unbrecc

but most importantly

he snecc :drake_like:

Strangest emoji:🕴

Apparently we have Webdings to thank for this Rude Boy

.@SarcasmKid This baby just spit up ‘e’s mom’s milk and asked if it was vegan. Nerve of the kid.

Got the news that my boss is going to another team. Looks like it’s up to us devs to push back on last minute breaking requests from the PM 😓

Spotify made me discover a Shibuya-Kei band: Buffalo Daughter.

I love how that era of J-Pop created such loungy music, even taking it to experimental direction: youtu.be/MxIy3rWxLo0

Oh cool, there's two different ways to say seven in Japanese
*screams into the void*

Of course I couldn't help but buy a game with my Steam Link. Got me Firewatch. Can't wait to play it on my big screen :blobbounce:

Cali peeps! Call your Assembly member and tell them you want bill SB 822 passed without these amendments: boingboing.net/2018/06/20/prim

I did and the office wasn’t even aware of it. We’ve got to get it on their radar!

$10.50 to play my steam games on my TV and it works with my Xbox 360 controller? 🤔

@SarcasmKid so you finally picked an anime avatar. What has this world come to?

*sigh* things are getting better. I finally found a way to reproduce the bug