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I miss having white boards at work. Encouraged me to doodle

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Back in college I took up crochet and made . This one I pretty much had to make up on my own: Waddles from

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It was at this show that I learned that Beto was in a band with the singer of The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In. Yes! The guy running for Senator was in a band with Cedric!

Welp, I don’t see an ActivityPub web app written in Pharo. Maybe that could be a fun project to try out the lang with.

Clojure’s edge was how you could compare the values of _any_ object no matter how type mixed and deeply nested of a data structure it was.

Smalltalk’s edge is how source code IS the data and the entire state of the program is saved in an image file:

This is so fucking cool

My pipe dream is the System76 equivalent of the Surface.

I’m fucking happy my company is working on a design system. Now designers won’t be forcing me to reinvent the wheel, last minute, for their own special thing. They too would be held accountable to keeping to the consistency of existing UI components :,D

Design Systems that have a11y as a core value are the best ones because they want the software to conform to the needs of their users. It is essential to have that software be adopted as wide as possible.

As I’ve complained before, I don’t see such mindset in most FOSS projects. There is always chat about wishing FOSS had wider acceptance, but that won’t happen as long as the software forces the user to conform to the computer.

Mozilla, which is the rare FOSS that is on-point with UX and design, has one

As Design Systems become more and more common place in the world of software, will FOSS projects or orgs even have any?

When assembly language came out, some programmers still stuck to writing binary. They were dead set on what "real programming" was:

The truth is, the more you look at the history of computing the more you realize "We don't know what programming is."

6 years after Learnable Programming was published, so many programmers still accept wearing blindfolds as the only way to code

"Visualize data, not code. Dynamic behavior, not static structure."

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