Not sure how I feel about coming back home after a few months and seeing Amazon Alexa all over the place (even in my room!).

My privacy semi-obsession is against it, but at the same time I guess it's fine as I do not really speak much in my room and I can just use it as a lazy speaker for Spotify & co.

Digital Ocean is much better than I expected to be honest.

I remember reading terrible stuff about them, but they have really good docs and pricing is quite good too.

I really need to stop bringing my desktop to the airport inside my carry-on bag.

I get stopped at security every single time.

This mass report of is disgusting.

Don't get me wrong: Gab is even more disgusting.

But if a developer chooses not to take sides (which Tusky & co. should have done as well imo, but I digress), people should respect that, not create fake reports on Google Play.

The reporters are literally proving Gab users' point that they are actually "pro" free speech and everyone else is part of this conspiracy against them.

Free as in freedom*

*but you are free to use it only if we agree with it

Haven't played Apex in such a long time, but I actually feel like getting back into it.

Time to grind to Diamond (Predator maybe? :3)

Just found out one of my bots functions is broken but I need to go out. BUT I NEED TO FIX THE CODE

Tried to turn on the "Mastodon Light" theme.

Went blind for a bit.

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I have been using Python for over a year, what other language should I learn?
Go? Ruby? C++?

Any advices? I don't really *need* to learn a specific one (except for PHP, but I really don't like it 😐)

I think I got RSI from running (iliotibial band syndrome). Knee hurts a ton even the day after. :blobcatnotlikethis:

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UK ISP group names Mozilla 'Internet Villain' for supporting 'DNS-over-HTTPS' | ZDNet

UK government and local ISPs are putting the pressure on browsers to drop plans to support DoH protocol.

Managed to get CUDA to install, now to learn how to properly implement Numba...

(Anyone got tips before I lose myself in the docs?)

About to go to sleep and Run Away by Sunstroke Project comes up.

Yes, I am now nodding like Sax Guy Gandalf and I am not sleepy anymore.

I could increase swap, but it makes calculations so much slower.

Alright, I need 16GB more RAM. I wish I did not have an ITX motherboard so I could just add two more 8GB sticks instead of having to buy 2x16GB (which are way out of budget). :blobcatnotlikethis:

Surprised at how good bitflip algorithm is given its low computational requirements.

What are your go-to licenses when sharing code on platforms such as Github?

I always used MIT, but recently I started using GPL-3 quite often.

Dota Underlords is better than I thought.

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