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welcome back to the no judgement zone


i did not participate in the action to take offline, and as i have said elsewhere, i find it unfortunate that it got caught up in the other action.

my only involvement concerned, something that hits me in several ways. while joining the mob was not the greatest decision i could have made, i still believe that hate speech should be condemned and repudiated.

at any rate, if any pleroma developer (or hell, even contributor without commit privs) wishes for me to resign, then i will do so. but if anyone takes me shitposting as "speaking for the project," they are really jumping a shark. the project has no political positions itself, as it is an automaton.

anyway, this is the last of what i intend to say about this. i will either resign or not, and that will be a decision made by the entire project. simple as that.

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Plemrola /pol/ freespeech Show more guys need to follow me on shitposter club i might end up doing social suicide.

i am going to throw mastodon off the clif.

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