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tytel is a madman if he really is releasing Vital as floss.

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some charts about computational complexity i've just come across.

like them because i find them pretty clear

mathematics: the principles of proofs
physics: the principles of mathematics
engineering: the principles of duct tape

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@icedquinn cd /tmp; youtube-dl -f "best[height=240]" "URL"; sleep 3; vlc *.mp4; rm *.mp4

> youtube: you want to max out this line and load videos at 60fps rite
actually i'm content with 240p for the moment
> youtube: i ignored how you kept turning the bandwidth setting down so here's another video at 720p60
> also youtube: we're losing money hand over fist time to kick out all our content creators and invite big film in

> apple's near useless code signing system
> solution is to double down and use the part where developer id doesn't do shit but tax developers and introduce more signing requirements that... rely on the same developer tax that didn't do shit before.

does anyone in IT even know how to security or is that just a universal buzzword for we're coming for your user flags

> singulo on a submarine
generating black holes underwater is probably a bad plan.

> migrating your follows to another activitypub
oh boy. this calls for some scripting.

> reading inbox
> old welcome to rabbit messages
oh the feels.

> creating a web series just so you have an excuse to obtain and play with an ATEM switcher
you are approaching life incorrectly.

had a relationship attempt fail after just two days because the other person was apparently barely literate. :blobmelt:

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like to laugh at "on a budget" being a euphemism for poverty.

upper crusters are some of the most penny penching budget hawks you'll ever see.

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*clicks "keep window above" button on VLC*
*leaves computer*
*comes back, VLC is rendering on top of the lock screen, just not responsive to input*
Not that far above, smartass
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Gacha OS: you have to pay to install packages, but can't choose which one you'll get

> schools buying services to spy on student movement locations
> because "attendance"

always thought it a bit weird how teachers had such a fetish for attendance and such a lack of care for actual student wellbeing or engagement :blobhyperthink:

time to see if its better to store short-lived article caches in nunux or just jam them in minio/a text file.

nunux looks kind of like yet another generic note app tho.

looks like we're going to have to co-opt an illegal drug pipeline to keep @Miaourt hooked up with antidepressants. the alternatives keep dying :blobrofl: is still kill.

the catalan bastards finally got to them.

i was going to migrate to but then it melted :blobmelt:

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