> someone trashes linux and says just install windows its cheap
> actually its hundreds of dollars and you are wrong on every point made sir
> their expert parry is to state a price that is still hundreds of dollars

i see the level of discourse around these parts is of the highest tier.

@matrix and then the LORD said, "fuck it, rm -rf /"


i live under a rock. why are we supposed to hate minio?

are the devs silly persons or something

@toast *holds on to the red pitchfork from afar, watching the thousands of fractured unix shards bicker while somewhere, some place, the progenitors ports tree compiles and is still pushing packets after all these years*

> ericcson big brained to support hot reloads so theres never downtime
> people just put the erlang in docker
> eff it 💀

@ivesen it weighs a lot less than mastodon. just needs a beam vm and a postgres server as far as i know, and both of those come in most package managers.

@nekojanai they have reference manuals on their site. should be easy to follow as a recently minted programmer from the coal mines.

main difference is in erlang all values are immutable and you mutate state with infinite tail recursion.

@nekojanai it's neat if you wanted erlang with ruby syntax.

@igeljaeger @mewmew it's not censorship, we just define everything we don't like as not-speech :blob:

idly wondering what the difference between rocks/leveldb and lmdb is. :blobthinking:

@lanodan pointing the camera away from face

alternatively wear kigurumi mask

@bubblebobbletrueend i was sort of assuming by 'mass surveilance' we were talking about the fed or nation-state level AAA corps (don't vote to trust bust google or we'll tell everyone you talked to your backpage hooker on gmail)


teslas are neat cars tho.

@bubblebobbletrueend or if you want to blackmail someone at a later date.

past a certain amount of money the game changes to extorting people for privileges.

@sir the only thing lispers did wrong was cling to their weird vms and never offer a good compile-down version like the c derps had :blobsad:

@bubblebobbletrueend they're feeding it to AIs to deal with that, i'm almost certain

> copyright united nations 2019
wait why does a treaty organization have copyrighted content

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