> LV2 has a @ch modifier for chinese translations
i thought CH was cheeseland and CN was communism

@icedquinn Normally the ISO 631-1 code for chinese is "ZH", but that's a stupid code.

Why did Japanese get JA, Korean KO, but Chinese ZH....... that makes no sense

@NekoSock what does china actually call itself?

switzerland gets CH because a long-ass time ago it was Confederacy of Helvetica, but by that logic japan should be NI.

@icedquinn that's county codes tho, not language codes

JA is Japanese and JP is Japan for instance

@icedquinn like what I mean is that just because Switzerland got CH doesn't mean *Chinese* can't have it

@NekoSock they have two majority languages though; so does mandarin or cantonese get CH :blobweary:

@icedquinn ask that to the morons who made ISO 631-1. It's a terrible standard. BCP 47 should have used the -3 version by default and ONLY that version

ISO 631-3 uses 3 letter codes and has a lot more distinctions. Between dialects.

But even that isn't perfect. For instance, it doesn't recognise Brazilian Portuguese to be different from Portuguese Portuguese. They are barely the same though. And yet the standard defines like 10 variants of German. Stupid.

Anyway, by abuse of language, Mandarin is the default "Chinese". This is even the case in Mastodon's language selector.

I do accept we just say Mandarin is Chinese in regular languages. But standards SHOULD MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. ISO 631-1 is trash.

@icedquinn Here are more sins. They gave "el" to Greek when "gr" is available. I asked Greek people and they didn't expect their own code to be "el", because transcribing Greek to Latin is fucking weird.

@NekoSock greeks didn't know they speak in emacs-lisp :ablobbounce:

@icedquinn BCP 47 is also bad because it lets people do whatever the fuck they want.

"zh-CN", "zh-Hans", or "zh-cmn-Hans" and more are all valid ways to refer to "Simplified Chinese". This leads to all sort of problems when parsers aren't well-programmed.


Well no, ISO 631-3 just adds more languages. Chinese and Greeks are "zho" and "ell" respectively.

@icedquinn at least lojban got an ISO 631-3 code, I am indeed thankful for that

@icedquinn in fact, there are other clashes already.

GN means Galician and Greenland. Totally unrelated.

And GU means Gujarati and Guam

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