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good morning fediverse :blobcoffee:

it's just more people bitching about gab and circle jerking about censoring speech because muh nazis.

good night fediverse :blobmelt:

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the reality is that it's not that millennial are spoiled so much as every generation has always tried to kick the can of fixing societal issues ("paying your dues" is the usual write-off) down the road and we just happened to run much shorter of road than expected.



if you want to make sure i never give you any more bug reports, be sure to lock the topic and fob it off with an excuse about how it needs to be in a different one of five forums you are running for your product.

open fediverse feed.

it's just racebaiting leftists.

close fediverse feed. :blobmelt:

human relationships are like reading a romance novel but once the book is over you get to spend the rest of eternity staring at wet paint.

i once read of chlorine atoms being used to "fit the library of congress" in a thumb drive sized substrate.

i wonder what ever happened to that project.

it's weird to watch how trolls work harder to superinflate insults of ever decreasing significance.

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that awkward moment when the browser permission system keeps denying permissions you've granted to a website :blobeyes:

what yall need to do is rewrite haiku so its built on top of a plan 9 kernel :blobeyes:

when your message broker works great but like 50%+ the size of the message is overhead

when you are trying to find rechargeables and amazon keeps trying to feed you sponsored links for batteries that say do not recharge.

thank you for recommending bombs amazon

for security purposes, ensure all messages are encoded in the form of a tuba.

i have this giant book of anatomy and am ready to just be over and done with the blind contour drawing exercizes :blobmelt:

gjay's color wheel sounds like an interesting way to make playlists 🤔

i think spotify is actually using some word vector neural net stuff to do it though. i read some papers where they were having the AI eat playlists and it was learning how to predict human designed playlists from it.

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