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"Never apologize, unless of course you are actually right." -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, slightly paraphrased.

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you can tell when your friends aren't real by the way if your sanity is visibly strained they just ignore you for facebook memes instead of displaying compassion

i'm not sure they could have put "the protesters" as a person because that's not a single person.

they could put the guy who was crushed by the tank at tiannamen square though. oh man would the sparks have flown if they did. :blobrofl:

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So a copyright troll puts a DMCA and github does shit?

Fuck Github, it's becoming less and less where your code should be.

> when infowars is dissing people for liking childrens shows
< mfw when realizing Gargoyles fanwiki has a more detailed universe than most tv offerings

the awkward moment when you realize if employees are a relabel of rented property/slaves then employment rights are placating people to remain properties.

does this mean the answer is not more employment rules but less employees and more small businesses

> Talkyard's chat is fairly basic. Slack, and others like Mattermost, Zulip and RocketChat, are better.

From Talkyard's website. I guess they know themselves pretty well :blobrofl:

time magazine 


secretly hate talking to people who mention their partners.

>being homeless is a choice because there's so much opportunity
tell that to the people being rejected for jobs.

>you cant legislate fairness and you can't legislate everybody rich

the awkward moment when people don't care about your problems, don't help, don't want to pay you, call you an idiot when you open your mouth, then turn around and look up to you and ask for help on things you know nothing about.

wot :blobsleepless:

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The #NZHerald is one of #NZ's most prominent daily 'papers of record'. It's "most popular" story of the day, according to a #clickbait sidebar, is a piece of exhaustively researched public interest journalism entitled;
'Man's farts so deadly he kills mosquitoes in a 6m radius'. This sidebar was next to an article about recent floods Te Wai Pounamu:

when people know you are ostracized and excluded from fun but then they want to ask your ideas about fun.

... wot.

>someone actually defending passing laws that knowingly violate the constitution


the awkward moment when you listen to richest man in babylon and they don't call it an interest payment, they call it a rental.

then you see common vernacular through time and they call it "rent seeking."

i suspect this word has been targeted for social engineering because it acknowledges that something is not yours: being paid a rental for your labor owns the fact that you are temporary property of the company. if you are an "employee" who "makes" "wages" then you don't realize you are property.


"gnusocial / white terrorism"

GNU. The techno-communists. Bahahahahah.

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