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"Never apologize, unless of course you are actually right." -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, slightly paraphrased.

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favorite wikis 

pmWiki (for small/med sites)
tiki (for humongous ones)

doku is fine but i like pm better (easier to have categories, more addons)

mediawiki is just too big for anyone who isn't wikipedia.

> someone trashes linux and says just install windows its cheap
> actually its hundreds of dollars and you are wrong on every point made sir
> their expert parry is to state a price that is still hundreds of dollars

i see the level of discourse around these parts is of the highest tier.


i live under a rock. why are we supposed to hate minio?

are the devs silly persons or something

idly wondering what the difference between rocks/leveldb and lmdb is. :blobthinking:

> copyright united nations 2019
wait why does a treaty organization have copyrighted content

> white supremacists adopted the symbol

pretty sure the origin of that was a 4chan thread saying they could get the press to say that :blobrofl:

how i wish ipfs/appcache/serviceworker web browsers work in general:

just put a thumbtack icon on the address bar.

that is all.

that is the only UX you need to say yes please pin this site to my cache i need it.

> LV2 has a @ch modifier for chinese translations
i thought CH was cheeseland and CN was communism

a problem with self improvement tactics is they tend to be designed by people who don't know what they are doing since they had to invent them to learn what they were doing :blobnervous:

slowly migrating the follow list to blobcat

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wait arturia minilabs need drm codes to use? dum

random appreciation post
kakoune's multi caret editing makes me happy

unpopular opinion
we should have just gone back to 9p instead of the ietf letting in googleshit.

there's remarkably few things you have to do to add in what 9p is missing and the spec to do that is far easier to read than http/2's rfc :blobpeek:

> laudinam
> made from refined latex and alcohol distillate
> fda makes you put a poison label on it
> fentanyl
> imported from countries with no industrial health standards
> has to be highly diluted because even small doses are fatal
> "safe and effective"

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:brain0: Owning the things you buy
:brain1: Software as a service
:brain2: Hardware as a service
:brain3: Your existence as a service

> when you try to post on
> error {}

> gingers going extinct
naah that mutation is coming back in force when space travel starts.

theoretically generation ships would bias towards gingers over time because its meant to cope with limited sunlight and space cans will have screwy light cycles.

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