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wonder if anyone generates report files by dumping out the raw xml from an fodt file and then just having libreoffice batch process it in to a pdf

i still wonder how good of security it would be to store passwords as scrypt(sitesecret|username|password).

my thinking has always been that salting the password to the username dunks on rainbow tables (but not for APT's, probs) and the use of scrypt further aggravates even targeted tables.


well thats how lemonldap and i think keycloak and possibly authy do it, in a proxy shielded installation.

federated environments are more work, sure. *especially* if they bother to integrate permissions with ldap (which, honestly, almost nobody seems to actually do) or single sign-off.

the awkward moment when supporting ldap/single signon is pushed to an enterprise feature or not included but half the time all it involves is reading a single x-header during an html request :parrot:



i like how corporate PR speak always says things that people don't like were "tough decisions."

how tough of a decision has "get millions of dollars to fuck over losers" ever *truly* been?

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"Everyday that goes by that the president of the great United States of America does not have a giant mech is a day that we have failed as a society. "
-Abraham Lincoln

random wondering about speech on websites 

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Arachnophobic Republican who introduced anti-arachnoid bill into congress caught with spider callgirl eating flies


people asking why you're never at fault 


was watching someone play planet nomads.

neat little dead game.




is there a good reason to use janet over lua+fennel?

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