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what if we sent French people to Venezuela to teach them how to properly deal with government officials that forget how food works :blobhyperthink: 🍿


the body platform that respects your freedoms but occasionally your foot twitches out for no reason and you have to flop on to IRC to figure out how to fix it.

it took me a moment to realize why people are spamming bun emotes.

Brave's linux repos still say access denied. Thought it was a temporary error but it looks like something is screwed up with the release.

huh. the RPM repos for brave are throwing up access denied errors :blobsleepless:

Gonna go back to using Brave, I guess. Mozilla seems to have taken the collaborator money and joined in the censorship bandwagons.

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50% curious to try out Matrix chat now that its functionally done. other 50% is apathy :blobmelt:

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latest libcurl and other cool stuff on Windows 98SE (see pic).

Why? You'll probably see in a week or two :P

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Saw my first "EU users will be blocked due to Article 13" banner today.

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Matrix is supposed to be for decentralization but then they turn around and double down on the broken TLS model by saying Let's Encrypt (... a centralized authority ...) makes it ok.


what if you just printed the box art / burned the carts on demand, queue everything up to ship in weekly batches or something, so you could buy physical cards for indie switch games.

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reaching dangerous wizard levels

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !