I don't think I'll make another account once Niu dies. It's been a year now and I still don't really see the appeal of social media.

Ah I did pretty poorly. It sounded like a lot of people struggled with it so maybe I did okay relatively speaking? Either way I really have to step up my studying for this class.

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Man Deadmau5' Mercedes is so good. The engine roar at ~6:25 sounds great.

I'm completely fucked for this Calc3 test tomorrow

I got to over 3000 tabs in Firefox. This is getting out of hand and Firefox is taking like a minute to start up again so I'm going to work on fixing this. Just got rid of ~150 Wikipedia tabs, I'm going to try and be sub-1000 by the end of the weekend.

Anyone here written software that they use on a regular basis?

I think the biggest bang-for-buck thing I've written is a meta search engine but something I'm particularly fond of is a paint program with an infinite canvas. Really nice for doing math or drawing diagrams on a computer as long as it's just temporary.

Well I think I unfucked my network. For some reason my switch was not properly allocating Ip addresses, but only for some devices and only some OSs. It didn't help that I thought the problem was with my AP. I still have no idea what was wrong, I just reset the switch but I had never changed anything in its config.

Fuck computers.

I learned today that in Java `==` does pointer comparison rather than value comparison. I've never understood why you would want pointer comparison as the default, I feel that value comparison is far more common and the expected behavior. Pointer comparision is useful but I would expect it to be a method instead.

Nice Java also doesn't force you to initialize all variables in a constructor. What a shitshow.

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Having to add an `else return null` after an exhaustive match of an enum is really getting me riled up.

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I already miss the many conveniences that Rust offers.

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Yeehaw I'm writing Java again after six years. I have no idea what I'm doing and using VIM+Make probably isn't helping. On the brightside this homework is very easy so I can just focus on learning Java.

US politics 

The Democrats are off to a great start in my home state this week, what an absolute shit show. I already thought their chances were low but if this type of fiasco continues they will have zero chance. As Trump said on Twitter, the only winner in Iowa last night was Trump.

Did Startpage just change the url color? I swear they were much more noticeable before, now they're a dull grey that is hard to read. They'd better not fuck with me on this, I don't have time to write a damn search engine.

I have my OpnSense router kindofish setup now with a Mikrotik access point. What should I name my SSID? My old router's SSID was "Unlimited Net Works".

I finally got my 3d printer set up and printing. This thing is so cool I feel like a kid again. Time to print some upgrades for it and then on to making cool stuff. I'll have to pull out my camera and post some pictures.

Well the first week back at uni has come to an end. I went to see if they still play melee on Friday nights but no one was there. Not sure if they don't play anymore or if they all bitched out because of the snow.

Back in my day we hauled CRTs down three flights of stairs and across campus on foot in freezing weather just for the CHANCE of playing melee and we felt privileged about it. Then we had to haul them BACK when we were done. Damn kids these days have it too easy with their Internet play and digital converters.

I've become convinced that near-light or faster-than-light travel will eliminate most of modern societies problems as it will allow us to always have a Wild West of sorts. As a new planet/star system becomes more civilized the people who want more freedom can move elsewhere. This isn't really possible on Earth as there is no longer a frontier to settle on.

There goes Eva, time to pass out so I can party hard for real new year

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