Linking drama

Here we have a build system, PkgSrc to be precise. We have been observing mysterious failures that say "include file is not found" while the file is there for sure.
Ok, let's check around.
Dear compiler, do you know where to find include files? Yes, milord, I do. And it is correct.
Dear build system do you know where are these include files? Could you give me a tree? Yes, here you are. Wait! No issue anymore!
Hm... Dear build system, could you do hard linking instead of soft linking? Yes, milord, here you are. No issue!

Here we have APFS that seems to be not good with myriads of soft links. It is not good as so as another process can not see files.
Copy, hard linking, cloning, touching from another process force FS to update meta information.

Linux's filesystems behave nice.
How to turn off such caching?

i wonder what the largest video - screen - video - screen /etc loop in history has been.
ie like webcam watching screen watching webcam watching screen watching.....

What's the difference between a kleptomaniac and a literalist?

The literalist takes things literally.
The kleptomaniac takes things, literally.

The beautiful detective story from C++ world.

Chapter I. There are two major C++ compiler GCC and Clang. The former is an old good warrior, the latter is a modern fancy boy. Clang can use GCC as a backend for some specific cases.
Chapter II. There is the One Definition Rule that demands the only one definition of a symbol in compilation context. Duplication is error, usually. The linker may detect it and fail linkage.
Chapter III. The linker may add debug information into a binary that contains the path to the source file with the line number for every symbol. It helps debugger to show sources.
Chapter IV. I have a project that I build with Clang + GCC-backend. And I get an error report from linker that the standard string is declared twice, ODR violation. And the linker points to the same file but slightly different line numbers...
Chapter V. It seems like GCC uses the first line of the symbol signature (excluding template<...>) and Clang uses the line with the opening `{`.
If the signature is multi-lined then GCC and Clang report symbol at a different location. And the linker is upset with it.
Final. Strip you symbols, be happy.
Epilogue. Clang produces different symbol tables if formatting style differs ;)

When I will run my company I will prohibit eating on workplace. It is absolutely disgusting to chew, chomp and smack next to your colleagues at work. Special prize for assholes that come to eat to a group meeting. We all meet here to see how do you eat, fucking moron. :blobangery:

I've been excited by series about complex numbers by Welch Labs:
In one hour, i've understood much more about complex numbers that I got in half-year course in uni. I highly recommend it. Even if you a not in math, you will learn a new way to describe our reality. It makes you smarter, it inspires you.

Who ever was interviewed to as SDE? Gimme some tips, I'll need them later this week. First time ever go for an to such big company.

++ developers, please, don't use revalue-reference for function arguments until you clearly understand its meaning and action. Namely, think about reference collapsing, i.e if you pass lvalue-reference, it will behave as lvalue-reference inside, no mandatory move here. Please, bear it in mind next time you right `int foo(std::unique_ptr<int>&&)`.

While privacy awarded people are trying to de-googlefy their lifes, Google is sneaking to cars and stealing every ur sigh and fart to bring more ads to ur life. While one fights for privacy, other makes money. Renault Nissan and Mitsubishi sold ya to Google. Who is next?

How can I go and post something on other instances using this account on Or I can only read/follow guys from outside?

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