excessive violence 

TIL the correct term for big breasts hiding under a sweater: sweater puppies!

[Aduma Ren] Koimitsu Fragrance [English]

You'll want to follow me on @hentaiquotes because niu.moe will be going down soon™

urban legends: TS edition 

What is it with genderswapping stories and their shady plots :blobcatthinkingeyes:

[Kirimoto Yuuji] Himitsu no TS Chika Kenkyuujo | Secret TS Underground Lab (COMIC Unreal 2020-02 Vol. 83) [English] [desudesu] [Digital]

I've finally found out what suya means. The other SFX are the sounds of two guys getting their life force sucked out. The milky kind that is.

[Saigado] Haken No Muuko-san 1 [English] [Tonigobe]

Given the popularity of genderswap manga I wonder, why isn't there anything based on Loki, the Norse trickster God who considered it perfectly fine to transform into a different gender just to mess with people? For example the old stories say he turned into a mare to give birth to Sleipnir, Odin's horse...

how can you claim you love her 

if you don't lick every nook and cranny of her body? I'm sure that's the same logic as in a certain movie involving two girls and a cup...

[Dakouin Saburou] Ero Ane - The Erotic Elder Sister [English] {Tadanohito}


Mom knows what you've been doing...

[Dakouin Saburou] Ero Ane - The Erotic Elder Sister [English] {Tadanohito}

impending impregnation 

Some of these incest stories get too carried away. Frickin' hentai logic.

[Dakouin Saburou] Kan - Commit Adultery [English]

peak hentai logic 

If you can't think of anything but genitals, your brain turns into genitals or something like that :blobhyperthink:

[Takatsu] Saimin Fuufunaka Chousain 1 [English] {Doujins.com}

pillow talk 

Several things come to mind here, like the webcomic about the lonely guy with the VR headset no longer feeling alone in the VR world. Here's hoping that we won't be alone forever.

[Royal Bitch (haruhisky)] Online Marriage (COMIC BAVEL 2018-10) [English] [] [Digital]

casting mat 

I've heard these porn videos have a couch instead of a mat, but I wouldn't know either :blobcatanimeeyes:

[Dakouin Saburou] Chijo - A Sexual Molester [English] [Tadanohito]

people being trash 

One of my pet peeves is how many movies and other works of fiction have old phones if any at all, mostly because the plot wouldn't work otherwise in a well-connected world. Chapter 3 of Seto Yuuki's latest work shows how you can do the opposite, faithfully rendering phones to show how superficial people can be. Unlike the previous chapter there's more action and a hint to the unavoidable downfall coming up soon™

[Seto Yuuki] Chitose Ch. 3 (COMIC Mugen Tensei 2020-03) [English]

hard truth 

She's absolutely right. If you stop going to classes, you'll be NEETing sooner than you think.

[Saigado] Hana-san no Kyuujitsu 2nd Season - Hana's Holiday 2nd Season [English] [Tonigobe]

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