Due to the imminent demise of niu, I will be gradually moving activity to @koish (by the infinite grace of ), and perhaps other alts.

The closing of niu will be the end of an era for me. Thank u admins for your service 😢

@22 Or just say you're not reviewing 10k lines straight up 允许新的注册吗? :ablobcatangel:

@22 I'm happy permitting acqui-exit as an affirmation of "If we wake the sleeping beast of F/G that's fine", as it's a real risk when encroaching on their space, and fighting it off like Snapchat isn't always desirable.

It's more sketchy as an excuse for never thinking about profitability until well past the multi-billion valuation stage

🔴⚠️, very important ⚠️🔴 

Truly the GOAT admin team, you will be missed.


Twitter should just come with everyone blocked by default

Is there a locally hosted version of anilist/myanimelist? Similar to gitlab, gitcup, and plume but for anime/manga tracking

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the issue. The possibly disjointedness of the arguments seems like the biggest issue.


It's really hard for me to tell when a character is voiced by Kayano Ai just by their voice. Just speaks to how good she is.

@newt Submit a savage code sample and you'll have a good chance. Best of luck

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