desperately trying to find people who do all their programming with ed

I'm fortunate to have been able to stumble upon a few opportunities to do Haskell throughout my time as an undergrad student, and to know of people who have found even more. Perhaps I should write a blog post on what stuff is available to newer functional programmers?


The fact that Lambda School is named as such is a travesty. They don't even teach functional programming, they're just Node.js memers


I just updated the tutorial to "Roll your own bot" on the wiki to use a modern version of the network library. Making bots is a nice way to start learning about networking!

Just theorizing but a bunch of things. The usual fare of filling your home with only merch of the character, and burning your bridges by wearing her stuff out in public could have an effect. Maybe some more ambitious stuff like setting up a skinner box-type experiment where positively responding to images other than your waifu gets you electrocuted

I'm sure with rigorous mental training you can achieve that

Did people really write compilers where the entire compiler was in parser generator rules

Congressman: Mr. Zuckerberg, are you aware that your company uses programming languages susceptible to the halting problem? Are you further aware that your infrastructure is built upon formal axiomatic systems in which some true statements cannot be proven?

Zuckerberg: [...]


The problem with playing Burial at Sea before the original Bioshock is that the whole story just got spoiled

I got an AMD card for my new desktop, which is nice overall, since the open source drivers are nice. But I can't use CUDA, which is unfortunate.


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