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:brain1: porn is bad because the industry is bad
:brain2: movies are bad because the industry is bad
:brain3: food is bad because the industry is bad
:brain4: every object created is bad because all industries are bad
:brain5: you are bad because you are a product of a bad society

ah i love my house being a permanently appreciating commodity. now to take a big sip of coffee and see how the demand side is doing

Hello I have returned to announce that banana fish officially killed me

what do you mean I'm 11 years late to join the toradora fandom

i just finished toradora and I'm actually crying

@ serotonin: I've been taking you for nearly a year now why are you gone all of a sudden

some of these tourists came here to get medical attention too...... what the actual fuck
my country calls itself a democracy but. then pulls out shit like this

a 2nd world country: *doesnt let tourists from my country to leave the airport for 7 hours*
my country: lol let's do the same to tourists from that country who come here

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !