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oh!! the favourite button does a little spin when you click it! spectacular you funky little star

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whats up fellow gamers and anime fellows, tumblr is probably dying so i jumped on that battlebus (epic reference i know) and came over here! i make awful jokes and im ready to make friends.

oh whoops i sort of forgot i had an account on here...

trollian crashed so it looks like im here for a while gamers!

im glad that todays mood is seeing a post on one account and hoping over to my other to reply to said post

were in gamers @gardenHarley idk which account ill be more active on but heeyaw

i was gonna make a second account in homestuck town but some Fool took the username i wanted and now im lost

i wanna go to homestuck but here i am, stuck in anime town.

im glad theres a whole homestuck instance now, not glad i missed it

theres literally no one online on marvel vs capcom infinite very epic

whats up gamers i cant sleep even though im incredibly tired please kill me

oh whoops i forgot to toot uhhh insert funny joak here

also im not doing the signature thing anymore because im an idiot, i forgot and also i dont think its that funny any more. F

after staying silent for all of deltarune chapter 1, kris finally speaks in chapter 2. he opens his mouth to say words but oh my god those are bees THOSE ARE BEES WHY ARE THERE BEES COMING STOP THE BEES PLEASE PLEASE P

@krisdreemurr wow i cant believe we have an IMPOSTOR in the thread right now i will fight you to the death. DIRECTLY to the death

what do you mean nier: automata had a story? youre telling me it WASNT a fishing simulator? very cool

who is stan. why is everyone suddenly STAN. who IS he why is he EVERYWHERE should i fear stan? he is scary. very cool

follow me now for my cool new ARG where i have a stroke in real life and live toot my death! solve exciting riddles as my hands spasm on the keyboard and make new toots! watch as my demise grows ever closer! very cool

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