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oh!! the favourite button does a little spin when you click it! spectacular you funky little star

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whats up fellow gamers and anime fellows, tumblr is probably dying so i jumped on that battlebus (epic reference i know) and came over here! i make awful jokes and im ready to make friends.

oh whoops i forgot to toot uhhh insert funny joak here

also im not doing the signature thing anymore because im an idiot, i forgot and also i dont think its that funny any more. F

after staying silent for all of deltarune chapter 1, kris finally speaks in chapter 2. he opens his mouth to say words but oh my god those are bees THOSE ARE BEES WHY ARE THERE BEES COMING STOP THE BEES PLEASE PLEASE P

@krisdreemurr wow i cant believe we have an IMPOSTOR in the thread right now i will fight you to the death. DIRECTLY to the death

what do you mean nier: automata had a story? youre telling me it WASNT a fishing simulator? very cool

who is stan. why is everyone suddenly STAN. who IS he why is he EVERYWHERE should i fear stan? he is scary. very cool

follow me now for my cool new ARG where i have a stroke in real life and live toot my death! solve exciting riddles as my hands spasm on the keyboard and make new toots! watch as my demise grows ever closer! very cool

to stand out from the CROWD on this webbed of sites i have decided that from now on every single one of my toots will have the signature "very cool" if my toot does NOT have this signature it is a FRAUD and will be reported the POLICE MANS

whoever keeps putting these LEWD images on my DASH is being reported to The POLICE. i cannot stand for this

being on this site is like being lost in the grocery store at age 8

i liked the part at the end of youtube rewind where kris showed up and [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] it was really cool and a great teaser for undertale 9

i like this website because i can make an awful post and cast it out into the depths and someone, somewhere will probably like it

my thoughts after watching youtube rewind: it had a severe lack of fortnite. needs more default dances

"glory to mankind" i say through gritted teeth as i once again cry at nier automata

i like this website cause if all my mutuals are offline all i need to do is create the virtual crack that is a funny mastodon post and you all see it in local and go ape shit

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !