That made me laugh.
Training supplies, sadly no drugs.

> Me: casually inserts a ~30 line map-reduce into a project
> Boss a year later: So, let's sum how many lines of code are in each project to estimate their worth/complexity

> TFW someone from management asks you about software instruction so he can make a few changes
and it's all written in tex.

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A great article about the Boeing 737 Max issue, and the general tendencies in engineering that lead to it:

"the relative ease—not to mention the lack of tangible cost—of software updates has created a cultural laziness within the software engineering community. Moreover, because more and more of the hardware that we create is monitored and controlled by software, that cultural laziness is now creeping into hardware engineering—like building airliners."

Note: phoenix will terminate an idle connection (while for example waiting for a result of a gen_server call) after one minute - unless told otherwise.

Without a single log message.

Some time ago I installed Ubuntu alongside my Gentoo so I'd have a gaming only environment in which, allegedly more things would work out of the box.

Since then "simple, basic install of" Ubuntu actually required similar amount of configuration work as being on Gentoo, and broke more often whilst providing worse tooling to fix said breakages.

I mean it's probably my bad for going with 18.10 instead of LTS, but... is this what we are supposed to recommend our gramas?

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It's amusing,
I can pretty much say, that I've been battling against arcane forces all week.

Like, at least four different applications had super weird, inconceivable problems. Usually in the end related to third party software.

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> When you click "X" on a cookie dialog on a website, and then only the "X" disappears, leaving you with the rest of the dialog and a shiny "accept" button.

Apparently, chrome caches cors headers for domains so aggressively, that no refresh, no normal cache clear, probably nothing short of system register/file purge clears them.

Domain sends correct header for weeks, and yet one user's browser still reject parts of application logic (xhr)

When you install dual boot ubuntu, so "you can play more games"

Last day before almost two weeks leave? Starting prototyping from scratch, for an entirely new project at work ..

It always amuses me, when I boot one of the windows computers at work, and I am greeted by no less than three advertisements.

Maybe I'm just late to the party.

If I find orgmode/beamer far more intuitive and easier to use than something like powerpoint , does it mean I am lost to the world?

I head a dream today, where I was setting something up in docker... for Voldemort (??)

What the heck.

> when you browse games on gog, and the game is available both on windows and linux, but on windows it has a warning attached, that due to frequent "driver and hardware updates that windows 10 has" they may affect the compability.

> when someone asks you to run something on the test environment and you answer
"What test environment"

Why, why, why would you ever default log settings, on a server oriented distro to "volatile"...

(Well, it's "auto" which means volatile, unless a directory is created, and by default it isn't, which means it effectively defaults to volatile. Pretty dumb too but that's another topic.)


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