I've been buying some cinema tickets, and the cinema decided it's a good idea to push 7-step captcha onto me.

Several times. Wtf.

TFW you're testing a new technology, and you managed to break it in two or three different ways even before you started more serious prototyping.

PM> Hey, can you write me estimates for this part of project
> Sure (... /sends estimates labeled as man-days that take more than a year/)
PM> ... are those hours or days
> Days, this item makes it big, and this, and this
PM> Alright, but check it with The Boss
Boss> Are you really sure that you can do that item, in that few?

TFW the official documentation of a tool sends you to random medium articles and case studies.

Best moment for system failure?

2 minutes after work ended and you're about to board public transportation

The actual fun part about things like that is that in essence you expect your backup job to depend on availability of the server you're backing up

And what really is happening is a hidden dependency on backup environment that can go unnoticed for years. Unless you actually turn off the server for once.

In few years I might be able to write a short book of only "DO NOT DO THAT" sysadmin sentences that actually happened.

Things not to do:
dumping whole bunch of files in a backup script into /mnt

without checking if actual mount command succeeded

Things, you wish you don't learn:
- VMware snapshots can shit itself after sudden failures and become non-mergeable
- Hardware storage controllers can shit themselves too
- You can copy a live system, through abusing lvm raid, and recreating grub
- Even if you forget copying entire /boot you can still recreate it
- Sensible (bootable) partitioning actually differs between partition table types and VMs default to old bad MBR
- You can convert GPT to MBR without destroying data

Now I can say, I put attention and full focus to every little detail users send me in their reports.

TFW user sends so little details in an error report, that they actually send you an empty email.

I mean, I assume they wanted to report something, because they don't usually send anything otherwise.

With every month passing, since I finished being a student I find myself growing more and more fond of statistical analysis
When you actually hold relevant data, it not only gives you access to truth, but also gives it in a way that you can then pass it onto others. Stopping arguments, instead of creating them

TFW you wanted to simply put some ram in a server, and you find out, that it is not screwed in(no tracks) and there are 2 more machines and some networking equipment simply laying on top of it.

I don't handle support request myself, but whenever I see a screenshot sent to support mailing list as a docx my delicate naive heart dies a little bit.

What does my phone "personalized" recommended words contain?
- Less apropriate phrases
- Random celebrity names, I don't even know of
- Names from my contacts, I haven't used for a decade
What it doesn't contain?
Phrases I use every day in conversations
Phrases I type often due to ordering things (like "no intercom at the door, call me upon arrival")
My own name
My phone number

Can anyone recommend me an open source software, which would allow me to quickly query data sets about aggregated data?

As in, it would retain aggregates over subsets, allowing querying them without need to reread most of the actual data.

> When you put extra effort so your website loads in milliseconds, and then it's put behind an url shortener which takes over 20 seconds to redirect

You know how important testing is in your organization, when you casually notice that service that is supposed to collect test results and allow analyzing failures wasn't running for last three weeks.
Nobody used it, so nobody noticed.

You want to encrypt your disk

> But grub doesn't yet support new luks format, and it appears you need to add some stuff to kernel/initramfs

> But you can't compile your old kernel on new glibc, because of bug

> But you can't upgrade kernel because new is not supported by your old graphic's card drivers

> But you can't upgrade graphic's card drivers, because newer are not supported by your card

> Because nvidia doesn't care about their devices on linux, and won't release upgraded versions for "older" cards, even if they're not old at all

That was a rabbit hole I didn't expected

My headphones seem to be failing.

Maybe they are also connecting to Cloudflare, hope they will soon resolve the issue, so I know whether I should start looking for new ones.

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