I have moved to my own instance, follow me there if you want to keep up with my posts and stuff. @Gigaa@masto.giga.is

I can get a .me domain for free. What should it be tho 🤔

Replace xfce with kfce. Now only 2,99$.

I want to like pleroma but i find mastodons interface to be neater. Also for some reason notifications doesn't stay read :think_bread:

Marry a man who eat hot pockets straight out of the microwave.

👏 It's👏 called👏 GNU👏 Linux👏 my👏 ni🅱️ 🅱️ a👏

Seems like we will only get one moeblob anime the season.

Got 1000$ back on my taxreturn, fuck yeaaa.

Where are all these spiders coming from, it's cold as shit.

Oh yea, morning fediverse, sadly i didn't get any sleep at all.

My phone is giving me notifications WITH SOUND about upcomming alarms... why.

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