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I'm not good with introductions, so I'll let the video speak for itself.

It appears google has been delisting various adult content websites based on false DMCA requests. Gelbooru is trying to reach out to those hit with such takedowns and planning a class action lawsuit against google:

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If you see this image while scrolling down your timeline, you have been visited by the HAPPY NAPPY FOX. Good sleep and naps will come to you, but only if you reply "Nighty night Foxy!" to this post.

> is timing out

nooooooooooooooooo not the catgirl stickers :blobcatcry:

I'm gonna make me a basic bitch blog using a basic bitch markdown editor and some basic bitch PHP, because I'm basic, bitch. :blobcatcool:

>see my timeline
>all this fucking NAZI discussion shit again

Yer all a bunch of wee lassies to me, you prancin' wet nurses.

I'm thinking about setting up a simple blog to dump any in-depth rants, musings or elaborate my stance on certain sensitive subjects that I don't want to befoul the timeline with.

Not sure if I want to make some barebones markdown based thing or just use some existing software for it.

God dayum the timeline is cute today. Certainly fixes my printer-related rage issues. Thanks fediverse :blobcat:

So we sorta fixed our google cloud printing issues. Turns out it's a windows specific issue with chrome, in that it fucks with how it properly builds up the data to send to the printer (something GDI related). So my boss is reinstalling stuff on the afflicted pc that controls the printer and see if that's gonna work. For now we have a backup printer on my machine that seems to work well, so there's that.

Also guess what, this has been a recurring issue in chrome since the beginning of time because Google is such a shit at software development that they keep reintroducing bugs. Do people there refuse to sync their fucking local git repos or something? Or are they just too busy pushing their shit propaganda?

Anyway I'm fucking fed up with this shit.

So just how is Google still such a big company when 95% of their solutions are ABSOLUTE FUCKING CANCER? :blobhyperthink:

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Came to work this morning.
Checked the broken google cloud print solution.

It's still broken and there's NOTHING I can do to fix it.

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