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I'm not good with introductions, so I'll let the video speak for itself.

Nyaaaa I made it! I accidentally added a Windows NT logo but whatever, I don't care about that.
#cuteposting #cyan

aw ye single disk system and I'm clogging the fuck out of disk I/O :rainbowdance:

I can just barely load while this shit is going on

In the meanwhile, does anyone have some fantastic 90s nostalgia wallpapers? :blobcatmlem:

Aaah yes, the dreaded wait for the SP1 update to install. :bun:

Geniet er van, zo een mooi moment,
met Royco Cup-a-Soup.
Je hebt het verdient dat je jezelf verwent,
met Royco Cup-a-Soup!
Oooh! De lekkerste soep,
soep in een kop!
Dat is Royco Cup-a-Soup!
Een kan er maar de lekkerste zijn.

I've been digging around for other mastodon and pleroma instances but I always end up feeling like niu is my home. Feels comfy here :blobcatmelt2:


i think because of all the emojis we have (and other instances have many times more) we should think about something to organise betters our emojis :blobsweat:

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