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I thought I was a so-called “pattern-breaker” of my family because I am an entrepreneur, but now my parents and my elder brother are talking about starting their own small businesses.

Sharing my corporate experience with them will be fun.

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Good decade for personal growth, excellent decade for personal career growth, excellent decade for free software as a whole

Bad decade for privacy, bad decade for political freedoms, bad decade for weath distribution

I just bought a Grande Champagne today. The strong kind not the bubbly kind. Seems appropriate given the date.

The lights are off in my room. The last sunset of the decade is shining a faint red into my room.

I moved some of my first ever salary payment to an investment bank to buy index funds, but all the markets are closed for the decade.

I've been a CEO for quite a while, but only recently I've actually employed myself.

I've been holding off because there is a large amount of bureaucracy and bookkeeping involved.

Brother: “Darn it! I can't log in to Messenger to download these building plans I sent!”.
Me: “I got a solution. Woof!”
Brother: “What?”

I sent a support request to a company via an online form.

That weird moment when you find a reply in your mailbox.

The national train operator refunds journeys that are over 30 minutes late.

This train is 28 minutes late...

I'm seriously contemplating if I should invest in a 64L cask of whiskey 🥃

Just got back from eating lunch at the regular place at the office.

Except everything was arranged like a small traditional Christmas feast. Extended buffet, free dessert, free beer, decorated tables, and cozy jazz music :blobmeltblush:

@Miaourt you're not secretly stealing my data, are you? :blobcatsipsweats:

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

Serverless is a horrible idea being forced upon us by Big Cloud. YOU CANT RDP TO SERVERLESS! BAD!

My laptop's wifi driver suddenly started crashing and generally not working. A reboot did not fix.

A system upgrade fixed it. Good thing I always carry around a recovery flash drive in my wallet.

TIL: Unicode has a codepoint for a type of Danish publicly traded company: ⅍


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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !