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Are RSS and/or Atom feeds relevant in 2019?

I wonder if I will ever get past my phobia of making phone calls. As a CEO it is practically part of my job description.

I can't remember the last time I spent over 8 hours coding on the same project.

Atombird is my latest sideproject. If only I could apply this level of concentration to my main gig nowadays.

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Rant about group work 

I just managed to forget my RSA passphrase.

It took me about 10 minutes of frantic guessing before the real password dawned upon me. I've been typing that thing countless times today. How is that even possible?

Just merged a PR from a fork of a fork of a fork into my fork of a fork. 2 layers of forks is apparently not enough.

Even if the top-level upstream is still maintained and receptive to PRs.

Not pictured: Me downloading Windows.

Me trying to decide on a distro for my GPU passthrough virtual machine

So it turns out that connecting to an IPv4 address with an IPv6 address is not a very smart thing to do.

That took some debugging. Particularly because I only supplied a domain to resolve.

It seems that each DAD is an IP address. This interface has like 64 IPv6 addresses.

”Waiting for DAD”

I have no idea what I am waiting for

Meanwhile my ISP won't even give me a single IP that is not behind their NAS.

Assigning 4 sextillion IP adresses to a couple servers for fun and profit.

(But mostly profit)

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

This is not quite the SSID I had expected when breaking the client side validation. What's more is that I can't authenticate now.

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