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More often than not, there is an emergency when I depart from the same train station near my home. Only this train station.

What a frustrating coincidence.

These cups were not made to last. No wonder replacements are sold for 35€ and are not covered by warranty.

It's only been a year.

The weather report says 23°C why is my thermometer saying 29°C :blobsweats:

This replaces a class called AsyncRabbitTemplate which is objectively not as cute a name.

Documenting your classes is important.

(RabbitMQ utility class)

I just spontaneously bought a ticket for a hacker festival :blobowo:

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“Hey Frederik, I have been browsing for Mastodon instances. I keep seeing the word »Furry«. What does that mean?”

It's not every day you get to attend a W3C architect's talk while staying in bed.

I've also just leaned how SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and the new ARC works.

Sometimes you just need to take the plunge. Currently drinking good vodka on the other side of the country in a disco tent with some cool dev folks I just met.

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Of course I say that just as my connection dies for a few minutes. For that I blame this long undersea tunnel.

I wish ISPs were investing in IPv6 rather than 5G. Not that all LTE operators are ISPs.

The other day I read that some interrail countries use air mail to deliver tickets. I usually use an RFC card for shorter trips. On today's trip I am using a discounted email ticket.

I believe the confusing English name is Dutch. We actually call it Sjælland, literally soul-land.

About to take a 4 1/4 hour train to Zealand. Not to be confused with New Zealand, Sealand, or Seeland.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !