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At work I am storing over 46 million entities, written to several thousands of times per second. These entities are all stored in RAM. I wonder if it would be economically viable to store them on SSDs.

The problem with SSDs is that they are prone to fail after many writes, so maybe only Optane would be viable.

This 1241 page book about databases, which my teacher picked, doesn't even mention what an SQL injection is :blobcatumm:

33% of my next semester is based around a book from 2009 about relational databases :blob_cry:

I just tasted DIY vegan cheese from a startup I just met. It was delicious.

I really love reactive and declarative syntax. This snippet of code does 7 things:

1. Downloads a page from a paging API
2. Serializes the body
3. Saves the link to the next page
4. Takes the body and creates a stream of multiple list items
5. Maps each of those items to database entities
6. Saves all of those to a database
7. Waits for everything to complete, all without blocking any threads, before handling the next page

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In my latest exam there was a multiple choice question about where it would be appropriate to keep comments after completing a software project. I hate that kind of question, because it really boils down to circumstance and preference, and I didn't agree with any of the 6 answers.

Why would you even remove comments before release?

When production performance starts acting up for no apparent reason :blobsweat:

It's great that I have been given all of January to focus on 4 exams, but I have a really hard time doing anything productive. Weekends are especially tough, because I'll be sitting at home instead of the office :blobdead:

Recently I have been intrigued by the prospect of traveling around European cities alone next summer. Apparently it's cheap to just tour around central Europe by bus. I have friends in a few European cities, and it could be fun to visit them.

Defeating Google's ReCaptcha using Google's own voice API :blobeyes:

An unexpected feature of my new-ish apartment is that a few times a year, the 36 tenants of the building are invited to dinner at a restaurant at the housing corporation's expense. I'm surprised the housing corporation doesn't just pocket the money instead. I wonder if this is normal, as I have never lived as a tenant before.

Me: "It's time to take the train home to Funen"
Meanwhile on train line:

Heck I'm curious if it will even be able to collect screenshots and clipboard data from xorg. I'm even tempted to run this thing under Wayland.

My university has a proprietary exam monitor that I have to run, which uses the long deprecated Java Webstart. This thing could be as old as from 2006, and the UI hardly works.

I wonder if it is time to finally exercise my GDPR rights for insight and erasure. Ironically, this monitor is managed by the local data protection agency.

I have mixed feelings about the holidays. Even though I am visiting my parent's house and doing almost nothing productive all day, I still feel stressed.

Maybe I just have trouble winding down from self-employed work, or perhaps it is from seeing my mom working her ass off both at work and at home.

I sure am happy that I got to the train station early when going home for Christmas. The terminals on the platforms to check-in one's RFC travel card were unresponsive. I had to go to a vending machine instead, and later directed another 7-ish confused strangers as well.

Why does this have to happen on one of Denmark's biggest transit days?

Drinking free beer for the third day in a row, each from 3 different organizations. That's a pretty interesting coincidence considering that these 3 events are unrelated.

I'm tempted to get into functional programming. I mostly work with , which has given me a bit of a taste for .

Any recommendations on guides and languages?

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