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I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code:

Visiting my parents and they have a hecking draft beer dispenser :blobcatsurprised:

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Black Friday deals on ALL KDE SOFTWARE! 100% OFF! (also tomorrow, and the day after that, and the next day, and the next one after that too, and ...)

I am both tempted and frightened at the same time

I might actually need this...

I finally found a terminal editor that is more powerful than nano, but much easier to use than vim

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In Denmark, attending university is free. Both as in free beer and as in they keep giving me free beer 🍻

I like my new ISP. Instead of paying a company around 40€/mo for 100/100Mbps, I pay around 6.5€/mo to a nonprofit, who is backed by the Danish national research network.

My prometheus server on Scaleway has been down for over a day now. Support is very slow to deal with the problem. I'm tempted to install it at some other host at this point.

Denmark: "We're going to produce more renewable energy, and we're subsidizing it"

Google: 👀
Apple: 👀
Facebook: 👀
Microsoft: 👀

It's odd that I couldn't get my Pi's DHCP to work with my laptop, but surprisingly it just works with my phone.

After several hours of dealing with hostapd and dnsmasq I finally managed to get my raspberry to act as a router.

It's a shame that wifi speed is reduced to around ~8Mbps, rather than the ~90Mbps provided by the ethernet. Maybe I can tweak the access point settings or find better hardware.

This is so infuriating. I have a raspberry pi set up to log in to my phone's hotspot, but it quickly disconnects and bricks the wifi on boot. I have physical access, but can't control this thing at all. I would kill to have a keyboard right now, so I can blindly type in "sudo systemctl disable hostapd".

I've even tried spamming SSH connections while it was connected to my phone for brief moments.

So I've managed to configure my raspberry pi as a wifi access point. Problem is that it's not set up to forward data.

Oh, and the SSH connection is broken because I was using wifi. The service is a systemd service, so it breaks on boot, and I don't have a keyboard to connect to it :facepalm_cirno:

Note to self: Don't underestimate the importance of Java garbage collection tuning :blobsweats:

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@cdmnky I somehow ended up with a £5 note several years ago as a tourist. The note has since left circulation, and I am thinking of one day mailing it to the Bank of England to get it replaced.

The error was 2 missing spaces in a YAML file

When you try to restart your team dashboard's data source, but there is a config error.

This is fine.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !