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After several hours of dealing with hostapd and dnsmasq I finally managed to get my raspberry to act as a router.

It's a shame that wifi speed is reduced to around ~8Mbps, rather than the ~90Mbps provided by the ethernet. Maybe I can tweak the access point settings or find better hardware.

This is so infuriating. I have a raspberry pi set up to log in to my phone's hotspot, but it quickly disconnects and bricks the wifi on boot. I have physical access, but can't control this thing at all. I would kill to have a keyboard right now, so I can blindly type in "sudo systemctl disable hostapd".

I've even tried spamming SSH connections while it was connected to my phone for brief moments.

So I've managed to configure my raspberry pi as a wifi access point. Problem is that it's not set up to forward data.

Oh, and the SSH connection is broken because I was using wifi. The service is a systemd service, so it breaks on boot, and I don't have a keyboard to connect to it :facepalm_cirno:

Note to self: Don't underestimate the importance of Java garbage collection tuning :blobsweats:

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@cdmnky I somehow ended up with a £5 note several years ago as a tourist. The note has since left circulation, and I am thinking of one day mailing it to the Bank of England to get it replaced.

The error was 2 missing spaces in a YAML file

When you try to restart your team dashboard's data source, but there is a config error.

This is fine.

I wonder which is in bad shape: me or my bicycle

I'm tempted to think it's the bicycle, but the more likely answer is both.

It's true that the longer something takes to make, the harder it is to launch. I just pushed a large update to prod that has been half a year in the making.

About 38k line changes to a project that was only around 29k lines to begin with. My first attempt to deploy was a failure, because of a critical bug.

Hopefully I have ruled out most of the bugs now. Since deployment I've noticed some ops and performance bugs, but nothing that warrants rolling back to the old version.

The city I live in likes to brand itself as the cyclists' city, but one would think that such a city would be located on flat land :blobsweats:

I'm not sure what this is, but I think my professor is telling me to copy and paste from stack overflow

Looks like there is no Linux driver for my laptop's fingerprint scanner (138a:0094). I wonder if it would be fun to create a driver when I have the spare time.

It seems the community already did some reverse engineering, but it stalled in March.

Forgot the password to my Pi after using SSH RSA for years, and I couldn't access SSH. Luckily someone at the office had an SD card reader, with which I managed to corrupt something the disk so it wouldn't boot.

Oh welp :blobshrug:

A fresh install works too I guess.

To be fair, there were 2 other items in that package but I really only made that order because I needed that cable.

I ordered an Ethernet cable at a cable web shop the other day.

The package was delivered to a post office because the post couldn't fit it in the grocery store I ordered it to, meaning I had to walk 4km to get the package home.

In the package there was a note that said they'll send the cable ASAP. :blobunsure:

Going to be attending a Q&A session with the EU's competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager tomorrow at my university. She's basically the regulator responsible for raking in billions from misbehaving tech giants.

My new apartment's internet is provided via an ethernet socket, and I have no router. I wonder if I could repurpose my Raspberry Pi for that. I'm missing a keyboard and screen though, and I need to configure the network to even SSH into it.

After living in a hostel for two months, I've finally moved into an apartment. It's much better to not share a kitchen with people who don't clean up after themselves, and who sometimes even outright steal food.

The "glances" monitoring tool is claiming that a Java process is taking up 241.6% RAM. This is on a dedicated server.

Is it stealing RAM from other machines? Maybe it is hijacking the matrix? :thinking_cirno:

Testing out Java 11's experimental ZGC in production with a heap of 100GB RAM. It's longest pauses so far are not the promised 10ms or less, but 60ms is still very impressive compared to >30000ms pauses we had with G1GC.

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