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@Olivia the irony is that the image was initially posted on

@papush what about wayland? Do Wayland clients not draw directly to a pixel buffer in the GPU?

@NekoSock Denmark also goes to great lengths to make it easy, though it could be improved.

My point is that the ID card isn't *that* special. In Denmark you would instead just get a corporate NemID tied to your role in a business.

@NekoSock I do really envy their authentication system though. We don't have chips, but rather 2FA cardboard cards. The private keys are managed by a private company called Nets. They charge fees for private companies to rely on the system.

And even then, they are working to phase out the cardboard in favour of an app.

@NekoSock Denmark is quite similar.

We don't have e-residency. You can just register a business with NemID as a Danish resident or with another European eID. I think you can even use those cards that Estonia issues as an eID.

Failing that, you can always have a lawyer take care of it.

The most difficult part is finding a decent bank. Though even then, I took care of that remotely.

@tigzikk @Main_Tomato only relevant if you have a predatory ISP.

Netflix in particular could maybe get around the problem by routing to one of their many boxes hosted by ISPs.

I asked my ISP if they supported IPv6. They don't, so they asked if I wanted to work on it for them.

@mangolord not a huge deal. I just found it comical.

Particularly because I do actually have the required capital, I just haven't formally registered it with the authorities yet.

@NekoSock paying for the tickets at the end of the month.

There's less bookkeeping as you only have to deal with one invoice.

Not that I can blame them. They're selling tickets on credit, and my private limited company has next to nothing in registered capital.

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Me: “Hello national train operator! Can I buy some tickets for my business?” :blobcat:
Them: “Haha no. Your business is too poor to be trusted.” :blobcatsuit:

Does Firefox not have a way to temporarily disable notifications? I need a browser for my exam.

Looks like the most effective solution is to just suspend notifications by evalling some Lua in my window manager :blobcatshrug:

@Main_Tomato absolutely not. Demand strong SSL/TLS instead.

@NekoSock but do most women pick the normal option?

It just feels like being male would be normal, and women being different from the norm.

Just my 2¢

@NekoSock Male shouldn't be the default normal. And some female-oriented gowns cater to boobs.

I'd rather see straight/curved.

It is a wonder to my why one of my professors is teaching me about an RPC framework that was deprecated over a decade ago, and which only
supports Windows.

Meanwhile, another professor is mandating that we at least dual-boot Linux during the same semester.

@NekoSock our tax authority refers to itself as the “skattefar” (taxxy-daddy or even literally honey-daddy).

VAT is called MOMS here, so we also refer to it as “momsmor“ (VAT-mommy).

@NekoSock my portfolio grew 0.7% today so I'd say it's working :blobcatbusiness:

@NekoSock I'm in on this conspiracy because of cute cats.

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