@pyromage I suspect something is wrong. Even if this is a large server, we shouldn't be growing nearly that fast.

This is getting ridiculous. I keep hitting the Discord member cap. Both 30 days of inactivity.

@NekoSock I actually have natural scrolling on my touchpad, but not my mouse!

Still looking for a new Mastodon instance. It is tempting to run to one of the many Pleroma instances, but I would rather not want to herd my existing followers to re-follow me.

Today is one of those days where I wish my ISP supported IPv6.

I have a good use for it today. Guess I'll fiddle with ports instead.

This new Coronavirus is so frustrating. It's so far away but it has already cost me a comfy business trip and about 250€ on top of that.

@Ste1lar I found the problem. It looked like the mere fact that the Nvidia driver was installed caused a huge drain on the battery.

Even when not running an xorg session!

@Ste1lar I think it is coming from the CPU. It keeps throttling as if it was under high use.

And this laptop is less than half a year old and equipped with an SSD.

Something is killing my laptop's battery life. How can my laptop be using 30W when idling?

It used to do around 10W before.

What should have been one or two buttons on a website is now a 20 minute phone call.

Darn booking agents.

This whole Coronavirus ordeal might be a real pain in the ass for me.

I'm flying to Vietnam via Hong Kong in a week.

My airline just cancelled all flights to mainland China.

The catch is that they only supply students.

@newt they're a non-profit, so why not?

Even private companies are required to be somewhat transparent.

I just got asked to speak in great lengths about ElasticSearch at an exam. The curriculum has nothing to do with databases, but oh well 🤔

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Thinking about doing another Wakeful hoodie and/or brand new Disco Dingo T-Shirt Kickstarter. #art #illustration #mastoart

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