Maybe I should start reading manga and the like. Looks like there is a remote library in Denmark that has the first 15 volumes of Spice & Wolf. Luckily I can just have them shipped to a local library free of charge.

I should make an effort to eat breakfast when I wake up, rather than many hours later.

It is so frustrating to be working with Java 8 for a university project after working with Kotlin for so long. I'm particularly frustrated by the lack of proper lambdas and stream operators.

The weather is very hot this Easter. I am happy that I am visiting my parents so that I can walk around in their garden, rather than being stuck in my apartment in the middle of a city.

@quad looks like you have already arrived

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And so we enter the #fediverse. Support for all instances is coming soon. We're just waiting on more of the Keybase community to update to the latest versions so all of these new proof options will look good in the UI. Thanks for your excitement!

@Wolf480pl @quad @jarlavgrenland Greenland is such a big legal grey area, it's surprising it isn't called greyland.

Is is only partially a member

@ilovecomputers although my friend is far from a hippie. He runs a small corporation as a CEO, as do I.

@ilovecomputers it sounds a lot like the middle-ground between a Danish homeowner union and a collective.

I used to live in a homeowner union with my parents. It owned the surrounding forest and a large playground. We only interacted with each other a few times a year.

A collective is a single property shared by its inhabitants, from a few people to a few hundred. One of my friends lives in a large mansion with other families which he calls "the castle". It has roots in hippie culture.

@ilovecomputers housing co-ops are very common here in Denmark. The student apartment I got myself last year is a housing union. I recently got an invitation to the yearly board meeting.

There are also unions where you buy a property (anpartsbolig) in the form of a share of a union, as opposed to paying rent.

@Fergant also btw the stereotypical Swede is a drunkard due to our very lax attitude towards alcohol legislation.

@Fergant sounds fun. I live right around the corner from one of the largest police stations in the country.

@quad @pandentia @gudenau meanwhile I have two $200 dedicated servers that each use around 300 TB per month

@quad @pandentia I actually considered using it once to offload my JVM old gen heaps to them, saving around 100GB of RAM. It was much cheaper to just keep the RAM rather than to replace everything else.

@pandentia @quad somehow I think we are back to the topic of redundancy

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@fred @pandentia
Modern developer: we moved to the cloud to save costs, on-prem is not as cost effective as people think, because you have to handle all the complexity that comes with redundancy. in the cloud you don't need to think about that, because the cloud handles all the complicated redundancy and replication for you

Cloud platform: *suffers downtime*

Modern developer:

@Fergant (insert joke about Northmen og Svenskere being bad people)

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