@abs I'm glad you found it of use 👍

@abs It took me 2 months after starting university to get a proper place to live. The local municipality has a safety net that granted me a cheap stay at a hostel.

In the end I got a great apartment though.

@fence @Gargron @Ytrezar I have a website through Cloudflare and it's fine.

@fluff no but Hogwarts is real. The other day a glitch caused a Danish university to accidentally rename itself to Hogwarts.

I can not make this up.

@fluff The British Commonwealth is magic. Don't think about it too much.

@fluff Japan is called land of the rising sun for a reason

Just signed up for a small *NIX summer camp next month :blobowo:

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@lis it used to be a ligature a few hundred years ago. Æ is a letter in its own right in some Nordic languages.

Is this early morning or very late night? One thing is clear: I should not be awake at 4 AM

@WAHa_06x36 @xiroux fair point.

To clarify once more I would never advocate for any of them.

@WAHa_06x36 @xiroux those are respectively code points 139, 148, and 130 of extended ASCII.

Sure, ASCII is way insufficient. Though it does support many European languages like French, German, Danish, etc.

@abs it's actually called a “take-home” exam, but there is no requirement for taking something home, or being at home.

Generally we live in a society with a lot of trust. The only feasible way to cheat would probably be to find an expert to help with the exam.

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