Drinking free beer for the third day in a row, each from 3 different organizations. That's a pretty interesting coincidence considering that these 3 events are unrelated.

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I'm tempted to get into functional programming. I mostly work with , which has given me a bit of a taste for .

Any recommendations on guides and languages?

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I'm tempted to get a server to act as a dedicated docker daemon. My work involves a of docker containers to just run in the background, and they are rather slow to start.

It's annoying to deal with SSH tunnels though. I wonder if there is a more elegant approach to connecting the two machines.

@abs one of these days I will scrape enough money together to get a new bicycle. I have no idea how many years my current one has served me on a daily basis.

@abs fortunately it was at 2 PM, and I didn't have any plans today anyways

@camellirite always a pleasure to share my taste in music :blobhappy:

@abs good for you. Yesterday I was 100km away from uni when I realised I had an exam just now.

I wish I had half as many fedi followers as I have Discord friend requests

I really hate my university's multiple choice exams with a passion. For instance, I was just given the question "Can an abstract Java class be instantiated?".

The correct answer according to the test is no, but in reality abstract classes are just instantiated via their subclasses. I shouldn't have to think like the teacher to do a test.

@tija being a masochist I'm sure she would like that

@rick_777 looks interesting. Perhaps I'll try it out some day.

@lord here's the unblurred image, followed by an upscaled then blurred image, followed by the second image down-scaled

@lord you can see how it seems to reverse its effect

@puffinux I think that's more or less how PNGs work, with some lossless compression as well

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