@papush In Danish we call it Jul. Based on the pagan tradition of Yule.

So basically Viking Christmas :blobshrug:

@Miaourt you're not secretly stealing my data, are you? :blobcatsipsweats:

@pyromage I wish I had friends so I could travel Europe by public transit.

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@AstroBadger oh well. I'm surprised the problem even persists on other platforms.

@AstroBadger if you're talking about an android app then please do share! I was struggling with this some months ago, and ended up just borrowing a DECT phone from a friend.

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@ilovecomputers I don't understand why someone would want to look at blurry text all day.

@BraixenIRL Det ser fint ud herfra. Har du prøvet at tænde og slukke den? :blobcateyes:

Did I say capitalist club? I meant my university's startup incubator.

Join the capitalist club. We have free coffee.

@wasamasa @lis if anything I was a total outsider, only learning about the existence of the event way after all the tickets sold out.

I'm not much of a camper myself. This was my first time in 4 years sleeping in a tent.

@wasamasa @lis I went to CCCamp this year and I've had the opposite experience. People would approach me speaking German. Much of the signage was in German.

All in stark contrast to the Danish hacker camp I had attended a couple of week before, which was conducted purely in English.

@icedquinn fair point, but you might still find this Intel adapter (AX200) in Macbooks sometime.

@icedquinn The keyword is old.

This wifi adapter is so new that many distros such as Ubuntu don't support it yet. Kernels 5.2 and up.

@icedquinn interesting. That might actually make trains worthwhile.

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