I just learned that phone books still exist. Do people still use these?

Ironically I think I am only receiving this year's issue because I opted out of advertisements. The distribution company packaged this book specifically to my address.

Today in Denmark, it is a tradition to eat a small feast consisting of duck 🦆

Why duck? Because of the legend of some traitorous geese.

Yes, we know that ducks and geese are not the same :blobcatshrug:

Watching the sunrise as I cross one of the longest bridge connections in the world :blobcatmorning:

I can't remember the last time I spent over 8 hours coding on the same project.

Atombird is my latest sideproject. If only I could apply this level of concentration to my main gig nowadays.

Me trying to decide on a distro for my GPU passthrough virtual machine

”Waiting for DAD”

I have no idea what I am waiting for

This is not quite the SSID I had expected when breaking the client side validation. What's more is that I can't authenticate now.

These Chinese salespeople are getting smarter by the day. How could they know I'm not naked??

When looking at an OLED screen it is mandatory to use a dark theme. The default dark theme is too bright.


My new watch comes with a built-in pride module as part of the firmware

Drones. Drones everywhere. Or maybe not.

Here's a talk about the ridiculous drone panic in the UK.


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