That was a cozy last night at . I'm lurking somewhere in this photo.

Viciously stolen from peterkofod@birdsite

I'm watching this live talk and it seems like the speaker has found Niu

I have resisted decorating this laptop for over a year due to business reasons. I finally caved.

I'll add more later.

All packed. I'm soon headed out to Bornhack 2019 :blobowo:

System administration can be frustrating, but it is rewarding to see things improve again :blobcatcoffee:

Administrating high-performance systems is hard. These graphs should show the same levels, as they have the same loads and configurations :thonking:

These cups were not made to last. No wonder replacements are sold for 35€ and are not covered by warranty.

It's only been a year.

Documenting your classes is important.

(RabbitMQ utility class)

It's not every day you get to attend a W3C architect's talk while staying in bed.

About to take a 4 1/4 hour train to Zealand. Not to be confused with New Zealand, Sealand, or Seeland.

Birdsite got a redesign. Maybe I'll just stick to Mastodon.

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