Danish politicians: "We need gender-neutral traffic lights"
Aarhus city council:

I wonder if my cat is trying to get educated or just wants to be in the way

My uni mates spent a lot of time and effort creating a simple ceasar cipher using OOP. Meanwhile there's me my declarative code:

This is the first time I see something like this

I really love reactive and declarative syntax. This snippet of code does 7 things:

1. Downloads a page from a paging API
2. Serializes the body
3. Saves the link to the next page
4. Takes the body and creates a stream of multiple list items
5. Maps each of those items to database entities
6. Saves all of those to a database
7. Waits for everything to complete, all without blocking any threads, before handling the next page

When production performance starts acting up for no apparent reason :blobsweat:

Drinking free beer for the third day in a row, each from 3 different organizations. That's a pretty interesting coincidence considering that these 3 events are unrelated.

I wish I had half as many fedi followers as I have Discord friend requests

I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code: gist.github.com/Frederikam/115

Visiting my parents and they have a hecking draft beer dispenser :blobcatsurprised:

Note to self: Don't underestimate the importance of Java garbage collection tuning :blobsweats:

When you try to restart your team dashboard's data source, but there is a config error.

This is fine.

I'm not sure what this is, but I think my professor is telling me to copy and paste from stack overflow

Someone at Red Hat had the brilliant idea of using cowsay by default in Ansible

My Discord server just reached a new milestone

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