This is getting ridiculous. I keep hitting the Discord member cap. Both 30 days of inactivity.

Trying out this new jug I got for Christmas. Has a valve built-in to prevent the tea from becoming too bitter.

Today I travelled with a special compensation train ticket sent in the mail. Given the impression of the conductors, these must be pretty rare.

One was nearly convinced my ticket was invalid.

The other said that my crumbled ticket was beautiful or nice, depending on translation.

I just bought a Grande Champagne today. The strong kind not the bubbly kind. Seems appropriate given the date.

I moved some of my first ever salary payment to an investment bank to buy index funds, but all the markets are closed for the decade.

Brother: “Darn it! I can't log in to Messenger to download these building plans I sent!”.
Me: “I got a solution. Woof!”
Brother: “What?”

I just learned that phone books still exist. Do people still use these?

Ironically I think I am only receiving this year's issue because I opted out of advertisements. The distribution company packaged this book specifically to my address.

Today in Denmark, it is a tradition to eat a small feast consisting of duck 🦆

Why duck? Because of the legend of some traitorous geese.

Yes, we know that ducks and geese are not the same :blobcatshrug:

Watching the sunrise as I cross one of the longest bridge connections in the world :blobcatmorning:

I can't remember the last time I spent over 8 hours coding on the same project.

Atombird is my latest sideproject. If only I could apply this level of concentration to my main gig nowadays.

Me trying to decide on a distro for my GPU passthrough virtual machine

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