Me trying to decide on a distro for my GPU passthrough virtual machine

”Waiting for DAD”

I have no idea what I am waiting for

This is not quite the SSID I had expected when breaking the client side validation. What's more is that I can't authenticate now.

These Chinese salespeople are getting smarter by the day. How could they know I'm not naked??

When looking at an OLED screen it is mandatory to use a dark theme. The default dark theme is too bright.


My new watch comes with a built-in pride module as part of the firmware

Drones. Drones everywhere. Or maybe not.

Here's a talk about the ridiculous drone panic in the UK.

Actual traffic light design in the Danish city of Aarhus.

This is actually the result of local conservative media starting an unprovoked rant about gender-neutral traffic lights.


Posting some international mail by something called Chaos Post. What could go wrong?

That was a cozy last night at . I'm lurking somewhere in this photo.

Viciously stolen from peterkofod@birdsite

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