Are RSS and/or Atom feeds relevant in 2019?

@fred If you provide neither Atom nor RSS feed, then I won't read all of your blog posts. It's that simple.

@wasamasa You're in luck. I provide both.

I'm asking because I am developing a feed reader.

@fred I didn't expect that after that kind of question. Is there a specific motivation for this? Like, replacing newsbeuter/newsboat with a less memory-leaking alternative?

@wasamasa no I'm making a website. I wanted something that wouldn't be limited to one device and which looks modern.

@fred keep in mind you're asking Mastodon, one of the most tech conservative platform on the planet.

@NekoSock yeah I know. I'm trying to validate my side project which revolves around syndication.

@fred yeah actually, I did see later on that you were making a feed reader, so actually this survey makes more sense.

@fred RSS feed is best way to do Internet with less bullshit.

Only problem with it is that many big sites don't provide it.

@duncan_lithgow I don't listen to podcasts, so I wouldn't know.

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