Buying a new laptop would be so much easier if I wasn't accustomed to using a 4K screen.

I'm looking at a hefty machine for $1800. That's probably a bit overkill. At least my own company is paying.

Though I have my reservations about buying a laptop with a 10xx Nvidia card.

@fred tbh I wouldn't even know what a good laptop is supposed to be like these days. All I ever see is shitty chromebooks and those laptops that are advertised as HD but actually have 1366 x 768 displays. All I would want is a comfy 12" with at least 1440x900 resolution that I can program on and doesn't drain the fucking battery in 2 hours.

@fristi 1440x900 sounds like an odd ratio.

Battery life is not too important to me. While the machine I am looking at has a large battery, it is supposedly consumed in like 7 hours due to the 4k OLED touch screen.

I could probably do with a 4K IPS no-touch screen and get a few extra hours, but it is difficult to find the perfect laptop.

@fred 1440x900 was an old 16:10 ratio from the days before full HD was a thing. I prefer 3:2, 4:3 or 16:10 ratios for my displays as I completely don't give a damn about black bars when viewing videos, since it's not the main thing I do on a computer. These ratios work a lot better for me when programming and other stuff.

As for battery life; I'm used to laptops barely making the 3 hour mark. So having something with 7 hours or more would be a huge improvement for me.

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