So apparently Trump is coming to Denmark.

Our respective governments couldn't be much further apart ideologically speaking.

I would imagine North Atlantic geopolitics plays a role. At the same time he'll meet with the Faroese and Greenlandic government leaders. Those two countries are both in union with Denmark.

@fred I suspect this has a lot to do with US interests in Greenland and making the most of their resources. America would love to gain control of their oil, gas and minerals. Denmark would be stupid to let it happen - but they probably will.

@duncan_lithgow we already gave a huge reserve of oil to the Norwegians. I reckon we might not stop there.

@fred I can only hope that the current government undertsnad the reasons for making sure that the US is not the only country that gains from whatever deal they'll make. It might be a great opportunity for Danmark to help Greenland strike a long term deal that secures more economic but *keep the oil in the ground*

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