What's a good free alternative to Comic Sans? I'm creating a joke website.

@fred You could try Comic Neue, although it actually doesn't look all that terrible

@wizard yeah it looks too much like a normal sans serif font

Just use CSS font-weight property.
BTW, could you share the link for that website when it will be done? I'm interested :rainbowdance:

@kirin @wizard font-weight is just boldness.

In the end I went for a more serious design with a normal font. The website displays dry humor with the open source project it represents.

@fred @kirin HAH nice

Although in smaller communities this is how music bots end up being used anyway :P

@wizard @kirin I'm not sure you understand. Instead of playing one track at a time, you listen to 4 being mixed together in real-time.

@AkaiHebi looks like more of a display font. It still needs to be readable.

I settled for a more serious design anyways.

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