Today's exam was set up so that we software engineering students had to work on a set of theoretical database problems for 2 hours under close surveillance. Even forced to install spyware.

Meanwhile the computer science students got to take basically the same exam to solve within 24 hours from the comfort of their own homes.


Heck we were even told we would be given 24 hours -- until we received the official exam schedule.

@jeffcliff the software is developed in-house by the university, though it seems the government is mandating some new spyware for other institutions. Students are not taking kindly to that.

Moreover, this spyware has a tendency to just not work during exams.

@fred let's just say there's a reason I don't call myself an engineer

@wilbr why not? There is a significant difference between software engineering and computer science.

@fred engineers are generally people who do things properly and with planning and scientific soundness

I sling code into containers until they sorta chortle to life, I'm more of a software wrangler

@wilbr clearly you haven't read my peers' code

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