Now that I am reading manga I am officially more weeb than I was before. These things are quick to read, so I have already ordered the next 4 volumes.

The parental advisory warning is amusing. I guess it is only there because this edition is being sold in the US.

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The next 4 volumes are available for pickup :blobowo:

This is quite a fast turnaround considering that it has been less than one weekday, and it is a free service.

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@momenthai you can order books from any Danish library and have them delivered to another Danish library for free. Even though each municipality has its own systems, the national website is rather sophisticated. You can even renew books with a single click.

@fred ah so yer libraries also sell books ? Nice :3

@momenthai libraries sometimes sell old books, but who said I was buying anything?

@momenthai I'm not paying them anything, so it is really just borrowing.

@momenthai nope. I would only need to pay a fee if I return books late, and even then I can renew for up to half a year.

Aren't libraries usually free?

@fred ahhh I forgot, SA also have free community libraries 😂 havent been to one since 2007

@momenthai this common system would have been completely unknown to me if I wasn't encouraged to use it by my college teachers for a paper.

What is SA?

@momenthai Oh South Africa. I've actually been around Joburg on a school trip some years ago.

My mom works at an airport restaurant/kiosk, and there was a very concerned South African. There was nothing to prevent people from stealing the goods or even the cutlery. It almost sounds like libraries shouldn't be able to exist in SA.

He even felt insulted about the free tap water.

@fred yea ... that happens here. Tho I'm living around Pretoria now :blobcatcoffee:

@momenthai I guess it depends a lot on locale. It is striking how big a difference there is in wealth. One moment you drive by a slum, and the next you are in a mall.

Walking through one of the townships was a surreal experience, as the locals were acting as if they had never seen a white person in person before.

@fred they're just suprised you risked coming to the townships. Ori hoping for some free stuff from the tourists xD

@momenthai actually many of them wanted to have photos taken, and I didn't experience anyone asking for anything.

@fred still risky tho. We actually have a very big township near one of the most expensive places to live in the whole Africa ...

@momenthai we really only walked around a school and saw what it was like in the classes. I guess it could have been risky to walk around in the streets.

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@fred I finished the first LN yestday :3 It's a fun read. And ye I'm jealous yer library does such fancy stuff :amaze:

@momenthai people have been recommending me the LN. I'll probably pick it up where the manga lets go. Haven't reached that point yet though.

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