In my latest exam there was a multiple choice question about where it would be appropriate to keep comments after completing a software project. I hate that kind of question, because it really boils down to circumstance and preference, and I didn't agree with any of the 6 answers.

Why would you even remove comments before release?

@fred if you're open source project then none, but it is made in big companies to not steal their precious code (as them might help hackers well read code) althou idk tbh

@replikvlt I believe it's in the context of proprietary compiled code (i.e Java or C#).

@replikvlt and if so, why would you want to leave the most useful comments around?

@fred sorry, i don't really get your question
P.S. forgot to mention, probably most modern compilers already do that but i guess also removing unnessesary symbols from source file might improve performance hence machine doesn't need to read all that tabs spaces and newlines as well as comments

@fred obviously in a box of scrolls in a monastery in the Himalayas

where else would you put them?

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