I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code: gist.github.com/Frederikam/115

@fred I wonder if adding a very small gaussian blur by the image reader wouldn't enhance a bit the perceived quality
@fred Yep the result is not so bad, but maybe too blurry to be usefull.

Maybe there is an interesting compromise doable :
a way bigger picture with only 8 colors. The displayer blurs it and then shrink it.
I wonder if like this a picture would take less data than the original.

@lord here's the unblurred image, followed by an upscaled then blurred image, followed by the second image down-scaled

@fred not bad, no ?
the down-scaled one looks great.
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