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I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code:

The local news just said that 5G was "the next generation of internet" :thonking:

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For context, I am trying to scrape a 24/7 192Kbps MP3 stream from a radio that is closing in 2020. Trying to figure out if using 48Kbps opus will be of similar quality

I need some help
Which sounds better?

They both have the same file size

They are both based on a 192Kbps clip, but one of them was compressed to 48Kbps of opus.

Me: "Oh no, my bicycle broke. Now I need to bring my bicycle to a mechanic. Oh noes, I neglected to go to the mechanic due to [insert bad excuses]. Now I need to skip lectures to have time to bring it to a mechanic."

Also me: *reattaches bike chain with no effort after skipping uni*

I am not as rational as I like to think I am.

This week has been full of server issues that I've had to fix for my work. Take last night for instance. I was migrating servers for 6 hours straight until early morning. The data center pulled the plugs before I was finished. I wasn't even told more than a couple hours in advance.

if coffee doesn't wake you up in the morning, try waking up to a malfunctioning network adapter in a remote production server.

Went to sleep at 2 AM. Got paged to fix a production issue at 4 AM. Was woken up at 6 AM because the last fix only did half the job. It's now 7 AM, and I think the problem is fixed.

Something tells me I won't make it to my introductory database lecture in an hour.

I wish universities and other institutions would be better at teaching more modern technologies when it comes to coding. I'm sick and tired these obligatory courses in Java, SQL, and religious OOP practices.

My uni mates spent a lot of time and effort creating a simple ceasar cipher using OOP. Meanwhile there's me my declarative code:

My professors better have a very good reason to collectively decide to schedule all lectures 2-4 hours earlier than last semester :blobsleepless:

This is the first time I see something like this

At work I am storing over 46 million entities, written to several thousands of times per second. These entities are all stored in RAM. I wonder if it would be economically viable to store them on SSDs.

The problem with SSDs is that they are prone to fail after many writes, so maybe only Optane would be viable.

This 1241 page book about databases, which my teacher picked, doesn't even mention what an SQL injection is :blobcatumm:

33% of my next semester is based around a book from 2009 about relational databases :blob_cry:

I just tasted DIY vegan cheese from a startup I just met. It was delicious.

I really love reactive and declarative syntax. This snippet of code does 7 things:

1. Downloads a page from a paging API
2. Serializes the body
3. Saves the link to the next page
4. Takes the body and creates a stream of multiple list items
5. Maps each of those items to database entities
6. Saves all of those to a database
7. Waits for everything to complete, all without blocking any threads, before handling the next page

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