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I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code:

That was a cozy last night at . I'm lurking somewhere in this photo.

Viciously stolen from peterkofod@birdsite

So apparently I'm going to CCCamp in Berlin in a few days. I am incredibly lucky to be offered a ticket, as I only learned about this event a few weeks ago.

Good thing my passport is still valid!

Mode of transport: A caravan of many vehicles.

Next time I'm going to an event like Bornhack, I should bring a DECT phone. Of course, my phone number would need to be 3733 (FRED)

Though I have my reservations about buying a laptop with a 10xx Nvidia card.

Buying a new laptop would be so much easier if I wasn't accustomed to using a 4K screen.

I'm looking at a hefty machine for $1800. That's probably a bit overkill. At least my own company is paying.

Watching a livestream recorded a few meters from where I am, as I am too lazy to get up from this comfy bean bag.

The above talk is about a distributed and extensible messaging system, as opposed to a federated system like Mastodon.

If you think that the Fediverse is an interesting network, the talk might interest you.

I'm watching this live talk and it seems like the speaker has found Niu

There is this crazy Dutch hacker space which got 5000€ to print those CYBER stickers. Now they are giving literal heaps of them away. It has become a meme to put them on anything, from cargo-bikes to fridges.

I have resisted decorating this laptop for over a year due to business reasons. I finally caved.

I'll add more later.

There is also a wifi hotspot that only has IPv6. You know, if you want to sabotage yourself and experience the future.

Camping in nature.

I'm currently connected to the internet via a 500m temporary fiber line going through private property and hanging over a trafficked road with two flagpoles.

Take that nature.

Oh, and everyone has a unique IPv4 and IPv6 due to RIPE NCC allocating some blocks temporarily.

All packed. I'm soon headed out to Bornhack 2019 :blobowo:

System administration can be frustrating, but it is rewarding to see things improve again :blobcatcoffee:

Or maybe Reimu is just the better girl compared to Marisa :hi_reimu:

Administrating high-performance systems is hard. These graphs should show the same levels, as they have the same loads and configurations :thonking:

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