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I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code:

I asked my ISP if they supported IPv6. They don't, so they asked if I wanted to work on it for them.

Not that I can blame them. They're selling tickets on credit, and my private limited company has next to nothing in registered capital.

Me: “Hello national train operator! Can I buy some tickets for my business?” :blobcat:
Them: “Haha no. Your business is too poor to be trusted.” :blobcatsuit:

Does Firefox not have a way to temporarily disable notifications? I need a browser for my exam.

Looks like the most effective solution is to just suspend notifications by evalling some Lua in my window manager :blobcatshrug:

It is a wonder to my why one of my professors is teaching me about an RPC framework that was deprecated over a decade ago, and which only
supports Windows.

Meanwhile, another professor is mandating that we at least dual-boot Linux during the same semester.

Trying out this new jug I got for Christmas. Has a valve built-in to prevent the tea from becoming too bitter.

Paper tickets are quite rare these days. Most people use a digital code or a universal RFC card.

They probably only sent this by mail because it looks like they tamper-proofed this ticket with microprint.

Today I travelled with a special compensation train ticket sent in the mail. Given the impression of the conductors, these must be pretty rare.

One was nearly convinced my ticket was invalid.

The other said that my crumbled ticket was beautiful or nice, depending on translation.

Missed my train because I am big derp. At least my ticket is flexible.

He literally spends all day sleeping here. Every day.

I thought I was a so-called “pattern-breaker” of my family because I am an entrepreneur, but now my parents and my elder brother are talking about starting their own small businesses.

Sharing my corporate experience with them will be fun.

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Good decade for personal growth, excellent decade for personal career growth, excellent decade for free software as a whole

Bad decade for privacy, bad decade for political freedoms, bad decade for weath distribution

I just bought a Grande Champagne today. The strong kind not the bubbly kind. Seems appropriate given the date.

The lights are off in my room. The last sunset of the decade is shining a faint red into my room.

I moved some of my first ever salary payment to an investment bank to buy index funds, but all the markets are closed for the decade.

I've been a CEO for quite a while, but only recently I've actually employed myself.

I've been holding off because there is a large amount of bureaucracy and bookkeeping involved.

Brother: “Darn it! I can't log in to Messenger to download these building plans I sent!”.
Me: “I got a solution. Woof!”
Brother: “What?”

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