on Linux final test
I wish this time the game just "work"

There is. I don't think I'll have anyone on the clan in the future, but at least I will be able to start lab research soon :3

Devstream 128 today, maaaaybe we'll finally get some info on the next story's chapter :thinknyan:

(But on a note-side I don't get why DE will already announce a new frame when they already released Wisp... Like, 2 days ago? :< )

Oh BTW if people want to add me on , here's my name: FingerSurprise :blobuwu:
(I'm an eternal solo player but, well, why not)

Me: *Replaying "The Sacrifice" quest for Somachord Tones*

Ahhhh I want the next quest! DE! *n*


Moi: *Pex la réputation des Orphelins dans la Valée Orbis*
Le jeu: Oh, t'as accumulé +10k de réput ! Tu peux t'acheter ce qui te manque pour crafter un nouvel hoverboard !
Moi: Oh, cool ! *Rentre à Fortuna*
Le jeu: Ah non MDR t'as juste accumulé +2k de réput, oopsi


Just wondering what I should choose between these three 🤔 (2 days remain until I can get one of them)


Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !