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C'est très cool Bitwarden pour gérer ses mdp, en vrai

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Tiens, ce "petit" drama de CM de LibreOfficeFR en roue libre m'aura permis une chose, pas des moindres ...
J'ai essuyé mon tout premier blocage par un techbro sur Twitter


Et ça a fait ma soirée 😌

Le CM de LibreOffice sur twitter qui se la joue grosse merde condescendante en réponse à quelqu'un qui demande comment récupérer Microsoft Office

faut pas s'étonner que tout le monde déteste les libristes après ça, si on est même pas capable d'être bienveillant envers les utilisateurs 🙃

French politics 

We're putting the finishing touches on ComposeUI v4. We think you'll like it! #pixelfed


Hey fediverse, I’m looking for a #job in IT!
I’ve got six years of experience in the field and I’ve been managing a fairly large homelab for a few years too. I can work with Unix-like systems (both #BSD and #Linux) and networks.
I have decent experience in automation, both by scripting myself and using Ansible, and I can write code as well (mainly Go these days but I can pick up Python again if needed, and I’m not against learning new languages).
I’m looking for an interesting and challenging position in systems and/or networks engineering, or more specific stuff like storage, virtualization or even databases. Pretty much anywhere in the European Union is fine (I’ve got french citizenship), including full remote jobs, and I don’t mind having to travel regularly.
You’ll find my resume here and a bit more on the stuff I do in my homelab here. Boosts appreciated!

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