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What do you call favouriting your own toots? Show more

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I'm setting this as my cover photo because above anything else this year, this is my goal, I'm not giving up on this haunting, daunting, increasingly relevant book, even though it's so easy to.

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prompt: You wake up, check your devices, and find that you have emails, DMs, PMs -- all means of communication -- from every living internet user on Earth; billions of citizens. They are inquisitive messages in nature by a large degree, but there is something quite off about them (aside the incredulity of it all): They often refer to either a pale opal or a stained goblet. There's a line of people across the street holding signs that you can't make out.

What happens next?

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jeez there really hasn't been a good educational game in years, hasn't there

i'll fix er

just letting everyone know that i'm working on an educational/sandbox/narrative text adventure game about the newfoundland highway! think shadowgate meets cross country canada meets oregon trail; simple games, but i'm just going to try to be clever about it, like hitchhiker's guide, except with much more syntax

yes, you even can lock your keys in your car with the engine running with consequences

:birdsite: banned a huge number of bot accounts overnight, many of them connected to Russian troll farms.

Many of the banned bots espoused alt-right viewpoints and followed alt-right accounts.

You can predict how the conservative :birdsite:sphere is reacting. :schadenfreude:

bring me the head of the person whose favourite sonic game is 4

cooking is like programming except also like fixing a drink (except i have to wait until the morning to find out if this heart attack tastes any good)

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