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My internet connection went down and when I tried to restart it the router bite my hand

New commits on Twidere git repository. Everytime it looks like abandoware mariotaku comes back and pushes hopes a bit haha

I mean previous update was Monday 14 and never had to use it again after that

Today my laptop met me with a blank screen right after unlocking luks disk with plymouth and wouldn't boot on login screen.

Had to chroot and pacman provided updates for kernel and mesa that fixed it :')

Omg I'm so mad at Battlefield V rn.

They deleted the servers with infantry only playlist and then I hit a wallet trying to finish an assignment to max out a weapon I swear I want to tear the keyboard to pieces

So when is the next bus coming? Display initialization failure at bus station monitor :(

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Drop your 4 favorite anime and let your followers decide if you have the right to live

Do you usually create your Let's Encrypt certificates on the server box or run certbot in a different machine and copy them over?

Daily reminder that you can get nightly builds of Firefox Fenix and many other apps from my fdroid repository at

This last episode of Mr Robot was really good dammit

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !