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Okey I made a hacky workaround to fix some weird issues on pleroma's mastofe, now I need to look at improving the minimal scrolling and collapsed mastodon will see a new release

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I'm tired of trying to fix pleroma's mastofe

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Try not to be mean to Arch Linux users as the wiki lacks a page on handling social rejection.

i use arch btw

If sudo ain’t working then sudo sudo.

@nicenessbot is such a good boiiii left unatended for weeks now

why the hell the wide view mode has a max-width

This will break support for outdated pleroma instances, will try to provide for newer ones before release. @kurisu

I need to run a few more tests but probably a new collapsed mastodon version will drop by AMO soon™

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I copied the folder structure skeleton of all my data to keep a synced copy with syncthing and just the folders without files are 40MB.

Fuck I almost a lot of data because I used dd instead of yy on ranger

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !