@cesese i mean, you already have a phone so you are always risking it getting stolen and it makes no difference having it for 2fa as well as long as you have a backup on someother place

@cesese if you are connecting from public computer you definitely need 2fa, try using andOTP on Android. You can make a backup of they seeds and store it in multiple places if you are really that afraid of getting locked out because of a stolen device.

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Drop your 4 favorite anime and let your followers decide if you have the right to live

@cesese any device you will try to login from might get stolen that's not even an argument

I don't have google on my phone anymore so can't tell, voice recognition could be a method of 2fa they added so they are probably trying to record you and use it
Do you have some kind of vpn setup on your phone that could be triggering it?

@cesese if your phone gets stolen you should have had a backup of the seeds used for 2fa as well as a valid amount of emergency codes that services usually provide for cases like that

And there are pc apps to generate the 2fa codes, you don't need a phone

@cesese you should really enable and use 2fa, is a must nowadays

Daily reminder that you can get nightly builds of Firefox Fenix and many other apps from my fdroid repository at repo.eskuero.me

This last episode of Mr Robot was really good dammit

@Ste1lar so you want to come to my house and drink all of my milk :abunhdowohop:


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