Gotta destroy the uptime first time for a new kernel update :')

Oh men I love KVM

@dikkus Maybe I'm just settling but since I came from an i5-4570 this 3700X stock performance is just blowing my mind.

Like I used to build a complete Android 9.0 on 3 hours and half and now that I just need 20 minutes I don't find reasons to push the chip any further XD

@opal leafpic was nicer imho but it's abandoned

@opal I build it from source and never got a donation nag, it does the work for me with almost stock settings, what did you replace it with?

KeepassDX, Firefox Nightly, Markor, Simple Gallery, Termux, Conversations and Privacy Browser updates pushed to

@ichii idk how many volumes but I think there were like 330 episodes or so

@ichii yeees! It's really nice, the anime has a completely different end because at that time the author broke his arm or smth like that so I recomend reading the manga after that

Quién eres, con que personas estas, donde estas, donde esta tu casa, cuando vas al baño a cagar y un infinito etc :)

@Piejacker875 i used to dream a lot with bf4 back in the day, not just playing but like having completely unrelated plot using the base maps

Sex is temporary but my k/d ratio will live on forever in the memories of my teammates and the nightmares of my opponents.

My little brother:

Me: Tell mom you’re hungry and you want a McDonald’s

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