@kasun Made a quick by memory update to documentation. The complexity of the newer format lies mostly on nino granting you granularity on letting you choose keystore per project or even task, as well as deploy targets per project/task/split but not even I have usecases for this

I think I should drop deploying through adb support out of nino because after all it's either not convenient (connecting via USB to get updates) or too risky (listening on a network port).

Maybe I should focus the effort on supporting different methods like rsyncing or scp to copy the files to a final destination

Okey it magically started working after a reset

I can't get Vanilla Music to show the cover artwork included in the mp3. mpv and rhymbox get it right...

I pushed another update to Firefox Preview that fixes the broken build from a few hours ago. Daily reminder that nightlies break things

@ivesen @wowaname i bet a list of all of opal's alts are longer than 99% of her posts

Masturbating will save you from a lot of wrong decisions

@cesese @roobre your account is just fine, i just visited it on the browser.

If you have 2FA enabled you may need to disable it for login and then re-enable again

@cesese @roobre when try to add a new account you may see a menu like this, make sure you selected User settings there

@cesese Are you certain you logged in with the keys? Like if you tweet anything does it get flagged as sent from "Twitter for Android"?

@cesese master branch is at 3.7.6 but the maintenance, from which I'm building is at 3.7.8.

I would suggest giving a last try getting it from my fdroid repo if you wish.
Direct link follows:

@cesese this is how I have it and can sync and send dms, is weird

@cesese Twitter for Android should work, note that if you already had login you have logoff and login back again after changing the keys

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