oh fuck💕💘💞
💖💓💗💗 sorry guys💓💖💕
💗💗💗💖💞💝 💕💕💖 💖💝💗💞
I’m just 💕💝💘💞💗
dropping my love 💗💝💖💘
💗💝💕💘for 💗💖💕💓💘
💘💝💖 la chica leyendo esto 💓💕
💝💖💓💕all over the place💞💞

I can't believe it's 2019 and Windows 10 wants me to add three security questions because I don't want an online account adwD

@angristan I wish I had got myself an OP3 when they were selling at $400

@1iceloops123 @sjw The maintainer of lineageos dropped and I was unable to fix some final bugs so I'm just compiling the latest stable with the security patches each month

After 30 hours running Signal background processes go up 150MB of RAM :)
Gotta love the optimizations for websocket notifications

@roobre I still have a few things in mind and a couple fixes like Windows support which is definetely broken but other than that I'm happy :D

Updated nino documentation and broke compatibility with previous configuration files but now I'm more or less satisfied with the overall configuration methods so is unlikely to change again.


Guess I'll have to defrag my hard drive again....

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