Espero que hayan guardado el ticket de compra para poner la reclamación.

Someone: Don't worry, there's lots of good fish in the sea...

Tusky now supports editing tabs :blobaww:
No adding lists as tabs yet though

Introduced support in syncall to have an entrypoint script to prepare for building gradle tasks.
This is essential on projects like vlc or orbot where native libraries are compiled outside the gradle tasks.

This was a true musicaly unlike the shit that's published now.

Collapsed Mastodon version 0.8 is published. Release notes follow:
* Cancel composing with ESC key.
* Let the user interact with the discard toot nag rather than workaround it.
* Only support newest Pleroma's MastoFE (enabled pleroma and mastodon domains have different textboxes on settings page)
* Plenty minor bug fixes and code cleanups.

Firefox users can get it from AMO:

Chrome users can do a manual installation from git:

Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell

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