Fedilab interface is as clunky as always but I couldn't get Tusky to login with Firefox Preview (Apparently it doesn't support Webview and only uses the main browser if Ghrome custom tabs are not available)

Twitter forced mariotaku into deleting support for official keys. Do not update Twidere any further if you wish to keep using it with some extended features untils it's completely broken...

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¿Qué dirías si esta noche
Te seduzco en mi coche?

thefuck was with this last post of the year you make me cry @bunnybooks

Replaced this eleven years old HDD on my mom's laptop with a brand new entry level SSD. Put new thermal paste on the cpu and cleaned a bit of dust in the fan.
Core 2 Duo T5800, 3GB DDR2 went from booting Kubuntu in 5 minutes down to 40 seconds.

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