Twitter forced mariotaku into deleting support for official keys. Do not update Twidere any further if you wish to keep using it with some extended features untils it's completely broken...

Related commit:

@eskuero huh, dms already didn't work, that doesn't help

@cesese they still work fine using official keys

@eskuero ok but how do you use them in twidere? Please don't tell me I have to build it...

@cesese You have to set them on the api settings within the app before login in

@eskuero Wait is there a key I should use? Twitter for Android's key didn't unlock the DMs

@cesese Twitter for Android should work, note that if you already had login you have logoff and login back again after changing the keys

@eskuero huh, I did logout/login and I don't have them

@cesese this is how I have it and can sync and send dms, is weird

@eskuero ah xauth, by default it's 0auth, let me see if it changes

@eskuero fdroid, it's currently in version 3.7.6

@cesese master branch is at 3.7.6 but the maintenance, from which I'm building is at 3.7.8.

I would suggest giving a last try getting it from my fdroid repo if you wish.
Direct link follows:

@cesese Are you certain you logged in with the keys? Like if you tweet anything does it get flagged as sent from "Twitter for Android"?

@eskuero ah no it still says twidere
But I did change the keys

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