I checked neither WhatsApp or Twitter during 4 days just to found nobody talked me over there in that period. I guess is now fine to send both services out of my smartphone and eventually cage them in some tablet for proprietary shit.


Right now everything I have on my Android is selfbuilt from source except WhatsApp for obvious reasons and Osmand because is a fucking hell so I just grab it from FDroid.

There are also a couple of system libraries that come from my vendor but can't do anything about them without losing functionality.

@eskuero random question? do u use Gapps or microG?
I've never got properly working microG

@punk I haven't used Gapps in more than two years. I used to have microG because Signal used to be a battery nightmare without GCM but nowadays is stabilized so I have neither of them.

@eskuero and can u get your GPS position accurately ?
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